the world's most perfect food

i alway knew it. but this site confirms it. cupcakes are the world's most perfect food.

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best. fortune. ever.

remember three months from this date.
good things are in store for you.

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how many entries can i really title basin street blues?

this morning i finished reading the excerpt of anderson cooper's book in vanity fair from a couple of months ago. i cried.

i missed teena while we emailed back and forth at work today. i didn't cry but kind of wanted to. apparently, she read my blog after i left work though and cried.

and then on the drive to see gram i heard this story on npr which talked about this column chris rose wrote for the times-picayune. i cried again. sobbed is more like it.

maybe its the fact that the anniversary of katrina is in 25 days. maybe its that over a year ago shawn & i started to discuss the idea of eventually moving to new orleans. maybe its just that i miss teena and phil. i don't know, but i'd kill for a beignet.

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smeagols gone wild

when i first read about the descent, i thought it sounded kinda cool. then i saw
the cave and was decidely less excited. and then i read a brief piece
in ew about the ending, and i thought uh oh. but then the started
coming in earlier this week and it sounded scary as fuck. but its shawn's birthday weekend so he had to pick.

and he chose it over little miss sunshine. seriously scary movie. no, really. and torture wasn't a major plot point. woo hoo. and the evil inbred monsters were just evil for evil's sake. ok, maybe they were evil for hunger's sake but there was still no explantion. woo hoo. and the director seemed to get that its more about what you don't see that's scary. woo hoo. woo hoos all around.

i know there's a lot of hub bub about the ending. i just watched the uk ending. i don't know what all the fuss is about. either ending works well. neither is happy. in one, she presumably dies. in another, she lives but she's lost her cheating husband, her child, and all her friends. she's going to be haunted by what happened forever. how is that happy?

it was good enough that i think shawn may not mind going to the movies with me more now that teena & phil are gone.

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i haven't run away... yet

i've just been up to my elbows in beeswax working on collages for the sacred art show. i get up, i got to work, i come home, change my clothes and work on art, i stop to eat and maybe pet my dog, i go to bed and it all starts over again. i'm freakin' exhausted. seriously exhausted. i'm not sure how i'm going to get everything done and retain my sanity because i can't continue at my current pace.

the light at the end of the tunnel - i have a gift certificate for a spa day and then there's nola over labor day weekend.

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i have work to do

but i can't stop... bork bork bork.

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friday's random ten

#1 - ballet for a rainy day - xtc
#2 - black tambourne - beck
#3 - everyday i have the blues - professor longhair
#4 - you can't tell the difference after dark - alberta hunter
#5 - looters' follies - destroyer
#6 - crazy - seal
#7 - brickyard blues - elvis costello & allen toussaint
#8 - djemeregne - dahlak bank & muluqen mellesse
#9 - silent house - dixie chicks
#10 - shalom/salaam - matisyahu

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what is wrong with me?

its 3:40 am and i'm still up, working on art. have it hit my head recently. i am not a 4:00 am girl. not unless were in vegas or new orleans and there is a great deal of spirits flowing. AND i just went to suzie's for shawn and his new band, the drunk bastards. that was nice of me. and a little insane. i am, however, just two away from my goal of 50 for this weekend's drop off at sacred art. woo hoo! who am i? woo hoo-ing at 4:00 am!?  here's the problem - no matter what, i'm still a 9:00 am girl.  so, tomorrow, whether i like it or not, my eyes will open, i'll need to pee, and i won't be able to fall back to sleep at or around 9:00. wanna bet?

regardless, i LOVE this piece which i did tonight...


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bully for me

here i am. 9:10 am. wide awake. i wish i'd been wrong.

time to make the donuts.

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weekend in review

i worked on art. i worked on art some more. and some more after that. and even more after that. and then i saw grandma. and went to yarnapalooza, where i was disappointed and bored without a buddy. went to archivers and bought more art supplies to go home and work on art with. went home and worked on art. so tired. so cranky.

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whistle while you work

it doesn't work. its still work, just noisier. i go to work. i come home. i work more. and whistling doesn't help one bit. dvd box sets make the time go a little faster but the play all option is unfortunately uncommon. so, its all gilmore girls all the time. and glue. lots and lots of glue. but i like this piece. a lot.

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since u been gone

i have made my shameful fondness for kelly clarkson known here on more than one occasion. she sings catchy pop songs. she's as cute as a button. and she hasn't succumbed to the pressure to become a stick insect of a girl, and has retained both hips and boobs. so, i'm not sure whether i am appalled at this video or amused. she's either joining the ranks of party girl celebrities like tara reid or lindsey lohan or egads, courtney love, who are often photographed or caught on video trashed, exposing themselves or looking like they're mere moments away from vomiting, which would be appalling. OR she, just like me, and so many people i know, had a few too many and made a complete ass out of herself in public, which i'm totally ok with. who can resist the lure of "sweet child o' mine," after all. fortunately for me, access hollywood isn't interested in my drunken hijinks.

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