drop me off in new orleans

just got back. here's the rundown:

port of call burgers
kermit ruffins at vaughn's
the aquarium of the americas
jacques imo's for dinner
drinks at the maple leaf
shopping on magazine street
snoballs (with condensed milk)
po-boys at guy's
dinner at praline connection
bust out burlesque at tip's
drinks at the seance lounge at muriel's
breakfast at the broken egg in old mandeville
tubing on the bogue chitto river
yummy dinner at zea
beignets at cafe beignet
a quick drive through the 9th and part of the 8th in search of the house i gutted
a long nap
and home...

3 and a half days is not enough. but i can't help but wonder if i'm making life harder on myself by visiting. seeing teena & phil. being in nola. is it only going to get harder and harder to come home?

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night court

teena told me harry anderson was leaving nola. he said he was sick of dealing with the hassle of list in new orleans post-katrina. so he and his wife were closing their business, selling (some of) their buildings and going to asheville, nc.

we thought maybe if they were closing sideshow, they'd be having a going out of business sale and teena could get that max shreck doll she'd been coveting. so i called to see if they were open, since their hours were spotty before. mrs. harry anderson answered the phone and i asked if they were open and she said "no, we're closed. and moving." i should've aked why. but i said thank you and went about my business.

i'm home now, catching up on my tv. i'm watching real time with bill maher now. harry anderson was on. and i'm even more angry. bill maher called him on it. he said to harry anderson something like "you were the unofficial mayor of the french quarter. right after katrina you said you were going to stick it out that it was too important... and now you're cutting and running..."

harry anderson, guilty as charged.

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i love fall (tv)

i couldn't wait to get home to my fall tv preview so i bought it in the airport. read about it here - the new blog i'm sharing with shannon, phil, shawn & possibly hollis.

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high holy day madness

its 11:35. i've been at work for 2 and a half hours. i've received 23 phone calls. egads.

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the ringing won't stop

my total # of phone calls today - 49. FORTY NINE. that's 7 an hour. i was on the phone ALL day. but hey, the day went VERY quickly.

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friday's random ten (thoughts)

#1 - i LOVE blueprint magazine. its beautifully designed. wonderful illustrations. and it contains info i may actually use. i am seriously contemplating a subscription.

#2 - i am already experiencing 9/11 fatigue. and i know its only going to get worse.

#3 - i am definitely experiencing katrina fatigue. the spike lee was about my limit. and then when we were in nola we went to see hurricane on the bayou at the imax. it broke my heart. again. and i realized i'm done. i will go to nola. i will volunteer. i will send money when i can. but i cannot deal with any more of the media coverage. i just can't.

#4 - work is crazy. but i'm not hating it. its nice.

#5 - could isaac mizrahi rock any harder? could this sweater that i purchased yesterday be ANY cuter? well, it could be, if it was a better pic. the roses are sort of an ode to suerat and pointillism.


#6 - and speaking of cute, i am so enamoured with this oh-so-fabulous and oh-so-adorable artist who i've bought a few pieces from on etsy. i was also given a few pieces of her art for my b-day. her blog has become a regular haunt of mine and i just can't get enough of those damn hedgehogs. she is cute overload incarnate.

#7 - i hate this whole survivor race thing. as if dividing the teams into men and women wasn't bad enough last season. it leaves me feeling rather icky. i can't decide if i can even bring myself to watch.

# 8 - i am DYING to see the illusionist. and idlewild. and little miss sunshine. a movie sounds like a really good idea this weekend. and ice cream. a movie and ice cream.

#9 - i'm in a really girly "i love shawn <sigh>" period. he was just so kind and supportive all of august when i was supercranky and getting ready for my show. he made sure i was fed. he didn't scream and yell at me when i was screaming and yelling at him and probably deserved it. and he bullied a bunch of people into coming to my show. plus, he's cute. i'm mean look at him.


#10 - i've been really lax about working out/chores/adult crap. things kind of fell apart when i was getting ready for my show. the fines are being reinstated on sunday. oy.

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beware of the blue snoball

if a bubblegum flavored snoball does this to your tongue, imagine what it does to your internal organs.

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conjuring inspiration

we went to see the illusionist this afternoon. it was sooooo good. i haven't watched a movie that was so visually inspiring since amelie. so good. and edward norton was soooo dreamy. and rufus sewell, who i normally would trade shawn in for, not so much. the most ridiculous stache i've ever seen. but nevermind the facial hair, it was a beautiful love story, gorgeously made. go now. seriously.

too bad my to do list was as long as my arm and i couldn't work on art.

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a long time ago, we used to be friends

occasionally, i get very nostalgic for borders people. cheryl and i have this game where we try to remember as many people from schaumburg's sort as possible. each time we do it there are larger gaps in our memories. there are entire corners of the store that are now blank to me. and then there are those people who are absolutely unforgettable. the woman who threw a v-cart of books at me - wish i could forget her but alas. but the people who comforted me through my cousin's death - if i had last names and addresses they would all be receiving thank you notes.

there are two people who defy category in the borders compartment in my brain – jen and steve. when I first started at schaumburg, jen and i were fast friends. people actually confused us or thought we were sisters. she transferred stores, met and married steve - i was at their wedding. and we remained friends for a long time. although at some point steve & i were better friends. jen was travelling a lot for work and he and i used to talk a lot. at some point there was a series of unfortunate events and we were all no longer friends.

cher recently found this site. and then i found this. and they've just been on my mind.

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no rhyme or reason

#1 - waking up to the news about ann richards really sucked. she was a kick ass ground breaking broad. all i can think about is the guy who ran through austin naked after she lost the election to george w. with "we miss ann already" painted on his chest and back. the cops wouldn't arrest him. i wonder what he's doing today.
#2 - i miss teena.
#3 - i am seriously obsessed with hedgehogs. i blame it on cute overload. and then cute overload linked to this blog. when i discovered that numo and family live in chicago i seriously contemplated how i could make them be our friends so that we could meet numo.
#4 - people are really dumb sometimes.
#5 - i can't decide if this is kind of cool or the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen. i mean, who wouldn't want to live like a hobbit.
#6 - i'm in love with my new shoes. cutest. ever.
#7 - i love zombies. i love people who love zombies too.
#8 - i find the idea of a grey gardens musical entirely ridiculous. but strangely appealing.
#9 - i am entirely overwhelmed by the amount of pixie roll / shana says work i need to do.   
#10 - i can't wait for fall tv to start in earnest.

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idle hands

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fall tv is helping my art.

so, one of my fellow sacred art artists asked me to participate in a show at morpho gallery. i've had the toughest time getting becoming inspired. i'm stressed out (work). sad (its been almost a year since g-pa died). overwhelmed by the work i need to get done. and really just wanting to hang out with shawn and watch dreams.

finally i seemed to get into the groove. how i managed to get this done while watching studio 60, i'll never know. (and damn did that show ROCK!)


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