sideburn sunday


holy fuzzy facial caterpillars batman!

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once or twice a year i overextend myself to the point of paralysis. and it always happens the same way. i'll start getting a cold. i'll have 8,000 things to do. and all i want to do is pull the covers over my head and stay there for weeks. unfortunately, that doesn't work.

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friday's random ten annoyances

#1 - rumsfeld. "back off?" you've got to be kidding.
#2 - the pledge drive. i realize its a necessary evil for public radio. and i'm a member. i have been since i was 19. but i've been growing increasingly disenchanted with wbez and npr. there's this INSANE thing about wbez doing away with music next year.  if this is indeed the case i will be doing away with my yearly pledge. also, 11 central ave. is about the most annoying thing i've ever heard. npr pissed me off with the whole bob edwards debacle. and there have definitely been subtle changes to both morning edition and all things considered that i haven't enjoyed. it feels a bit like pandering. so, the pledge drive just fuels these fires.
#3 - this lingering / burgeoning head cold - i'm really not sure what its doing.
#4 - the case of the missing lap top - shawn bought a laptop from someone on ebay with our state tax refund. he received it - after much ado. it was defective. he sent it back and we've yet to hear ANYTHING.
#5 - traffic in the rain. the roads are moist people - use caution but there is NO need to slow down to a CRAWL.
#6 - my amazing new talent - i can hit snooze in my sleep thereby causing shawn & i to have to rush. and shawn really doesn't do well with rushing in the morning.
#7 - netflix. i have once again signed up. i have a queue filled to the brim with horror movies, tv, and music dvds for shawn. we're being good and watching things right away. netflix however seems to be following the mrs. butterworth philosophy of life and taking their own sweet time. oh yeah, and in less than a month a dvd has been lost.
#8 - the lack of free time in the hampton household. i've been wanting to carve my stinkin' pumpkin for two weeks now. no dice.
#9 - lady bugs. they're cute. but not when they are dead, en masse, on my window sill at work.
#10 - i know that there are real tragedies in the world but god damn, would it have killed old navy to put the elbow patches on my new sweater on the actual elbows?

and so we're clear - i don't hate everything. shawn is adorable. and i love my office and its view.


ok, so #11 - who the hell does tom cruise think he is? and when is she going to come to her senses?

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bad traffic blues

why is it that even what should be a simple errand takes 4 hours on a saturday? i had to go to oak park. that is not that far. seriously. and i left at 1. i just got home. i had other things to do today. and all i want to do now is sit and rock.

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shawn rocks

exhibit a.
and exhibits b. & c.


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lumix love

i am so enamoured with my new camera that i'm adding a photo a day photo album. its just so shiny and silver and takes such beautiful pictures.


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tips for a very good day

  • wake up after having gained an hour of sleep.
  • wake up to a crisp, cool fall day with a big, bright blue sky


  • make heart shaped pancakes for your husband.*
  • spend some time with your wacky grandma who is entirely to easily amused by sparkly nailpolish.
  • go to the craft store, buy everything that was on your list despite the fact that you left said list at home.
  • actually accomplish something on your to do list.
  • watch good tv.
  • have a cookie.

*shawn crawled back into bed after breakfast explaining that i had "dianed" him. (diane is my mom. she has a reputation for spooning food onto your plate when your not looking and if logistically this isn't possible she wil intimidate you into eating more. a meal with my mother is only complete with a food coma.) and then he said that he couldn't not eat the 4th heart shaped pancake i had put on his plate. that would've been wrong and he would have been in violation of rule #326. (rule# 326 being that refusal to eat something heartshaped is grounds for divorce.) he's so cute. except for when his kiss makeup is MELTING off his face.

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