smell my feet

reasons i love halloween:

  1. its me & shawn's non-wedding anniversary. 14 years ago today, we became a couple. FOURTEEN YEARS.
  2. pumpkins. especially when they are as fantastic as this:Beaker_full
  3. scary movies. recently we've watched slither, poltergeist, dawn of the dead, shaun of the dead, wicker man, texas chainsaw massacre: the next generation, feast... i'm sure there are others. and i've watched a few on my own. never a good idea.
  4. costumes. seeing people randomly dressed like the mario bros. or vampires or girl scouts amuses me to no end.
  5. candy. what's not to love?

and with that, i am going to answer the door.

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hidden ink

i have tattoos. i got my first when i was 18. i don't regret a single one.   but i'm jewish. i work at a synagogue. and tattoos aren't kosher. so, i cover them. because i love my job. and i got my tattoos for me - i know they're there, regardless of what i'm wearing. they may not be an imperfection but they are something i hide.

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with rosacea, i am always red. as a rule, i avoid wearing red. if my skin is flared up at all, i look like a cherry tomato. but i embrace the red lights of a bar or traffic. who needs airbrushing?

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goin' back to new orleans, again

i'm getting packed for this weekend's trip. i can't tell you how badly i need a break. much, much more than that sentence would indicate. so, i will probably be m.i.a. for the next few days. i'll be back with new tales to tell of my beloved city and pics on sunday.

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home sweet home

shawn picked me up at the airport. i was sooo happy to see him. he even parked the car and met me at baggage claim.

weekend highlights

  • i went into st. louis cathedral to light a candle for gram. a woman told me that it was nice i was doing it - even if i didn't believe.
  • i made a zombie monkey doll with teena's help.
  • guy's po-boys.
  • i got to see teena & phil's new house. its so cute.
  • teena & i ate at commander's.
  • we went to the zoo.
  • i also saw this house. i was a little stunned. it was katrina damage. the wind turned this house into a dollhouse. and its over a year later. just a reminder - new orleans is still not ok. they still need help.

i'm going to go watch the simpsons now.

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the great elephant of frustration

i got my first ever sinus infection this week. it started off like a cold and next thing i knew i was calling my g.p. to ask if wanting to rip my eyes out of my skull was normal. he indeed said it was not and that it sounded like a sinus infection and told me to go pick up a prescription. i am just finally feeling normal again. i can breathe and touch my face without wanting to scream. that's not an experience i ever want to repeat.

its also been an incredibly busy week. lots of art, lots of work work. and surprisingly enough, a good deal of holiday-type work. i should be adding new items on etsy though, as soon as its back up and happy.

and as a reward for my crazy week i was going to sew something completely frivoulous. an elephant. well, that's not going well at all. the instructions have me confounded. seriously.
i had to walk away and find my happy place.


which would be my 3 favorite things this past week: tuesday's election, wednesday's resignation and last saturday's cracker.

once i can locate my camera cord, i'll post pics from the last week...

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etsy blues

so, i've all kinds of fun new stuff to add to the etsy shop. BUT etsy went down this weekend while they ugraded the whole site to version 2. and after seeing shawn deal with this at orbitz, i know what a MAJOR undertaking it is. long hours, middle of the night phone calls, BIG stress. its back up and running but there is a myriad of bugs. things crash when you go to edit. or add a new item. shipping amounts are screwed up. pictures have gone missing. so, i'm waiting sort-of patiently while they work it all out. i have no clue how big etsy's staff is but i'm fairly certain none of them are sleeping. but it does really seem that planning a site overhaul for the week before thankgiving, a week before the holiday shopping season begins in earnest, was ill-conceived.

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is this funny or sacrilege?

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the incredible disappearing shana

work got a little out of control this week, and forced my life into the rabbit hole with it. i'm lucky though. friday night i hung out with shannon, phil and shawn. we listened to rebirth (instead of actually venturing out to see them since we heard it was about to be SOLD OUT.) we played video games. i drank a margarita. saturday during the day i helped mom. she was in an incredibly good mood and it actually kind of fun. and last night we ordered pizza with syndy and colleen, who are back. all the good mojo seemed to melt a little bit of the bad week away. oh yeah, and there's the happy fact that teena will be here in just a few days.

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weekend to do

  1. mom's show
  2. see gram
  3. etsy (new banners for both pixie rolls and shanasays)
  4. send holiday show application
  5. clean blind lemon jefferson's bowl
  6. barnes & noble (make, adorn, interweave & rolling stone)
  7. clean sitch room
  8. put away depression glass
  9. pick a side dish to bring to mom's on thursday

there's nothing like accomplishing almost everything on your list to restore your soul.

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no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks - unknown

i am one of the luckiest girls in the world. i often forget that. i have so much to be thankful for and yet i often find myself wanting. i am great with the thank yous for a reason - gifts, dinners, etc. i often follow the seven day rule. but giving thanks in the broader sense, not so much. so, today i give thanks. for my husband. and my gram.


and my parents and friends. for all of their support and love. and the life that we have all made together. oh, and i'm thankful for the embarassment of stuffing my mother prepared.


oh, and did i mention that i'm going to see teena & phil tomorrow?

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made by elves

so, you know the cartoons where the elves come out at night and help the poor cobbler who was getting behind in his shoe making? well, i'm fairly certain those elves made these shoes. what other explanation could there possibly be for a pair of shoes so magical?


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