there's a storm fore-casted - 2 to 12 inches of snow. TWO TO TWELVE?! huh? can't they narrow it down a bit more? as much as i'm over winter, i can am excited about the possibility of snow, and more importantly - a snow day. plus, the first snow is always so breathtaking.

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winter wonderland?

i woke up to snow. lots of snow. but not quite enough snow to have a snow day. or so i thought. my house is a good distance away from work, you see. it can be raining here and clear and sunny there. there was once a microburst in hp that didn't even result in a drop of rain in chicago. so, when i got the call saying preschool was closing i knew things were worse there. and after many phone calls it looked like i was really not getting as much snow as ANYONE else. so, i decided to brave the roads.

you know the scene at the beginning of the remake of dawn of the dead? sarah polley is fleeing her suburban neighboarhood and the roads are complete chaos around here. that was fairly similiar to my drive this morning.

i think it was worth it though. kerry brought me lunch. and i went out and took some REALLY PRETTY pictures.


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oh. my. god.

going to joann's was ill advised. yes, i needed fleece. and yes, i wanted to buy shanny's present. so, i went about my business, collecting all the colors of fleece on my list. unfortunately, the fleece is along where the customers were lining up to check out. most were nice. some were not. the line at the cutting table was almost nonexistent strangely enough. the woman at the cutting table did let out the most exasperated sigh when she saw my cart-full of fabric bolts. c'est la.  i said thank you repeatedly, procured shanny's gift and got in line. the very, very, very long line. i stood in line for a good half an hour. and again, most people in line were nice. some were not. a few were very loudly complaining about the lenght of the line. HELLO?! its two weeks before chanukah, 3 weeks before christmas - WHAT do you expect? we're all in this crazy crafty world together people - play nice! so, in order to block out their cries i started to look at all the fabric i was purchasing. and then i started to panic. how the hell am i going to get this all done? am i insane? seriously deranged? all this and baking and food for xmas day and new years? have i completely lost my mind?

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happy potter, security blanket

i have noticed that whenever i turn on the tv, no matter what time it is, one of the harry potter movies is on. i find this comforting in an inexplicable way.

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not so crumby

he's crazymaking with his inability to clean crumbs up on the kitchen counter. he reads the most random crap about the proper ways to do this that or the other thing and always imparts these helpful hints at the wrong moment. ok, so maybe there's never a right moment. who likes criticism after all? especially when its delivered by your cute but slightly smarmy husband too early on a cold morning when you are making him toast?

but, he did look adorable in his orange sweater. and he made me this.

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unbearably cute

while we were waiting for the car to warm up this morning, i told shawn he looked cute in the hat i made him last year that he happened to be wearing. he relayed a conversation he had with some in the elevator at work about the hat...

stranger: that looks like a nice handmade hat. did someone make it for you?
shawn: yes. and i think its warmer because it was made with love.


how much do we love shawn?

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i completely forgot that i had signed up for a winter collage swap. D'OH! so, i came home a whipped this little baby up. i'm fairly pleased with the results...

now, off to germany it goes. i sincerely hope the that i used in the background doesn't say anything scandalous in german.

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i love my husband butt...

this has been a heinous week. first shawn was having digestive issues. and then it became something else. which he thought was a cancerous tumor. and which i will not share the gory details of. trust me, you don't want to know. but let's say this, there was a trip to an immediate care center which was the opposite of helpful. a trip to another dr. today which involved a LOT of waiting and no help. and, how odd is this, a scheduled trip to the emergency room planned for tomorrow morning.  if they can't fix him tomorrow, i may check myself into another part of the hospital. i haven't slept - he's tossing and turning. A LOT. he's cranky as all get out - i would be too. and i have about a thousand things to do. none of which are getting done. but i'm trying to fend off the cranky monster myself because really, what good would it do?

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an invitation

dear jay mohr,

first let me start off by saying, my husband and i love you. we loved you as bob sugar. we loved you in go and 200 cigarettes. you were a happy surprise on the west wing. we even watched your show. you were a perfect storm of smarminess and affability.

so, you'll understand when i tell you we were deeply saddened by the commercial for your new made for tv movie, do-over christmas. i'm sure you're a little sad about it as well. we really just want to give you a hug.  come to our new year's party. we promise not to mention abc family or even ask what you're working on next. just come, be the guy you know you are. the guy we wanted to end up with JENNIFER ANISTON in picture perfect, for god's sake. seriously.


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cookie monster

every year i go a little insane. i start baking two weeks before christmas and don't stop until i'm weeping, have several burns and have broken at least one item in my kitchen. its just ugly.

last year shawn hit his breaking point with my craziness. he wrote on next year's calendar on the december page "no more than a dozen types of cookies or NO MARDI GRAS!" in my head it became 10 kinds. so, as i sat down a few weeks ago to plan my cookie strategy, i was planning for 10 kinds. when i discover it was indeed 12 kinds, i did the sensible thing, i stuck with 10 kinds.

here's the rundown:

  • pb & j bars (raspberry and grape, mmmm. an old favorite)
  • candy bar brownies (new. they look and smell amazing)
  • my brownies (amazing, if i do say so myself)
  • peanut butter caramel cookies (yummy. not earth shattering)
  • chocolate black pepper cookies (as shawn said, these cookies reveal their charms to you about twenty seconds after you finish them. they are quite good.)
  • peanut butter fudge sandwich cookies (yummy. but the recipe didn't make nearly enough.)
  • chocolate  & vanilla sandwich cookies (with orange, mint or coffee filling. a pain in the ass but pretty tasty. will never make them again.)
  • pistachio sandies (an old favorite.)
  • raspberry chocolate bars (an old favorite.)
  • pine nut cookies ( a new favorite.)


i followed the recipes exactly. and almost EVERYTHING CAME OUT PERFECT. in the one case where i didn't, it was because i couldn't. the dough for the pistachio sandies needed to chill for an hour. i ended up chilling it for two nights because the first night i completely ran out of steam, the second night i discovered that the only sanding sugar in the house was BLACK. not good. so, when i realized that my dough was so sticky and so much like concrete that the pistachio sandies were not not going to become a reality, but i could definitely build something with this brick of dough, no tears were shed. i tossed the dough without thinking OH MY GOD, now i need to make another batch. 

so, i finished my baking. if i have time or energy before sunday, i may make pralines. but only because i'm having a hankering. not because i feel i must.

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merry christmas to all

and to all a good night...

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the road to rouxville

may everyone's christmas be filled with duck and andouille gumbo or other such delights.


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