2006: the year i learned to chill out

this was a wretched year. a terrible year. a horrible year after what i thought was a really bad year. and yet, i figured some very important things out... it wasn't that bad. i have a wonderful life, husband, dog, family. these are the things that matter. being with my grandpa the moment he passed last year, being with my grandma the day we thought she was going to pass this year and being in new orleans, amidst so much destruction and hope - these things put all that other crap in perspective for me. so, no, it wasn't a banner year in the life of shanalee. but there are many more to come.

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resolution #1

make something every day. i'm happiest when i'm making stuff. collages, sewing, knitting - whatever. it keeps me sane. i'm taking a screen printing class starting next week. and then i'm going to take a metalsmithing class. and no shawn, making groceries doesn't count. and i'm going to make stuff. lots and lots of stuff. and be happy.

so, this is what i made today. wristwarmers. which will soon be on sale at etsy. (new banner to come!)


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resolution #2

wear all my cute clothes. there's a closetful and yet, i wear the same things all the time. no more. cute clothes, 9 days out of ten. no more buying clothes. if i don't like something, i will refashion it until i like it again. if it doesn't fit, i will alter it or have it altered. so, day one of the year of cute clothes...




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resolution #3

take more pictures. share those pictures. period. i have this nifty new camera. the camera of my dreams, actually. i have no excuse. and since i have no excuse, i've started uploading pics to flickr.


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keeping your wrists warm fashionably since 2007

ok, so i didn't make much yesterday. except my grandma happy and a new etsy shop. check it out!

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resolution #4

eat better. we go through phases of eating great, planning our meals, sticking to the plan and feeling much better. then we get busy and let it slide. we'll order out a lot or just eat crap.  and well as much as i hate to admit it, eating pizza for dinner 3 nights a week when you're 31 has an entirely different effect than when you're 23.  so, shawn & i ate salad for dinner. and then we spent an hour planning our meals for the next two weeks.

shawn's office is having a diet contest to see who can lose the largest % of weight. apparently everyone's money is on him. so, that's an added incentive to stick to the plan. we'll see how it goes.

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resolution #5

see my friends more. keep in touch with my friends better. in general, be a better friend. i think i haven't seen lynn since before my show in august and it had been MONTHS before that. since i last saw her she's PREGNANT. i think i've seen cheryl
but a handful of times over the past few months and she moved really close to me.
i just saw carm and al for the first time since shannon's wedding -
LAST YEAR. there are others that i've not seen in so long i've
practically forgotten what they look like. so, i will continue to
travel to nola to see teena and phil 3. i will write letters to caroline and other faraway friends. and my friends here - i will call, i will invite them over for dinner, i will see them more or they
will all disappear. and well, one is the loneliest number.

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resolution #6

sleep more. i don't feel like i got nearly enough sleep last year. and well. i love my bed. and our mattress. and our super cuddle blanky & duvet. and sleep is good. this morning, slept until 11:00. 8:00 is late for me. so 11:00 is fantastic. once a week, that's my plan. hopefully i just won't sleep through the alarm like i did one day earlier this week.

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resolution #7

spend more time with shawn. spend better time with shawn. we're so busy and most of the time it seems we only get to see eachother in the morning or when i'm falling asleep late at night. so, we're going to go on a date each week and do a project together every week.

friday we had thai food. last night we made snowglobes.

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things that are making me happy

  • joss whedon directing an episode of the office! could it please be an episode with an alternate dimension version of everyone - like the wish or doppelgangland? pleeeease?!?
  • dish network. who knew freeing ourselves from the bonds of comcast would be so great?
  • my indigo shoes. i'm thinking i'm never going to buy another kind of shoe. so comfy. so pretty.
  • special topics in calamity physics. seriously.
  • all of my holiday socks that shawn gave me. so much better than tights. stripes, cashmere and polka dots, oh my.
  • my newly embellished old skirt.


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birthday girl

dear shannon,

you were in elementary school and very into my little pony and nkotb when we first met. and although you still have a love for donnie wahlberg which i don't understand, you've come a long way baby.

we've been through a lot. good, bad, sad and very occasionally ugly. and you still remain one of my favorite people on the planet.

you are sweet, funny, smart, patient, talented, beautiful, kind... and although that combination usually instills hatred in the hearts of those of us who are lucky to have only ONE, maybe two of those qualities, everyone loves you. what's not to love?

shawn is lucky to have you as his sister. and i'm lucky to have walked into your bedroom 18 years ago and said hello.

happy birthday chica! you're the best.



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in the right light

i was driving home today and was listening to an interview with peter o'toole. they were talking about a scene in his new movie where he recites sonnet XVIII (shall I compare thee...) he then began extolling the virtues of the sonnets ande revealed that he knew them all by heart. melissa block asked him to recite one of his choosing. he chose CXXX (my mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun...) and i have to say, i was a little swoony.

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