on sunday i was hanging out with mom, setting her up an etsy shop. somehow, we came across blythe . and i don't know if you've ever had to try to explain the weird world of blythe to one of your parents but it a) isn't easy and b) makes them think you're even odder than they had previously thought. so, my mom, upon seeing pretty little crocheted dressed for blythe on etsy said, "i can do better. get me your doll..."

she received my girl blythe in the mail today and look at the lovely new dress she has! mom and blythe rock!


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one day at a time

anyone who knows me knows  i love clothing. and not just in a protects you against the elements and from embarassing nakedness kind of way. i love clothes. i always have. when i was younger i used to pour over fashion magazines like i was studying for a test. and its only now that i realize how much my love for old movies when i was a kid informed my sense of style now. i love vintage and thrift. i love anthropologie but occasionally i feel that look is too precious. and too expensive. forth and towne is a new found love but again, awfully expensive and a little conservative. i love the librarian look with a bit of a twist.   i love knee length skirts and wear them almost every day.  i love odd color combinations. i love details.

also, i have an odd body. which can complicate matters immensely.

so, i when i learned how to sew a year and a half ago I had every intention of starting to make my own skirts. finding a pattern that worked and going with it.  i purchased a bunch of patterns which i thought could be THE ONE. and then i stumbled onto sew what? skirts. loved it.

and then i discovered the wardrobe refashion blog and was inspired. so inspired i've revamped two old skirts and sewn 4 (FOUR SKIRTS that fit perfectly).  i also resumed knitting a sweater that i'd been neglecting forever.

then there was a post on whipup saying the deadline for new wardrobe refashion pledges was rapidly approaching. why not i thought? when faced with the 2, 4 or 6 month challenge, i took the plunge. SIX MONTHS.

six months with no clothing purchases. this will either be one of the happiest periods of my adult life (save $$$,  no horrible dressing room mirrors, consume less, etc.) or...  well, let's just not go there now...

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received: one alligator

i decided to call the zoo where oliver eventually went to live. a nice man named john in the reptile house told me that there are no real zoo records before the later 60s. he did find the story amusing though. so, oliver remains mythical.

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an exciting new obsession for mom


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biggest. dork. ever.

i love harry potter. and like everyone else who loves harry potter i've been eagerly anticipating the announcement of when 'harry potter and the deathly hallows' was coming out. but now that there's a date i'm a little sad. a little sad because i know that by july 25 or so i will be done with harry potter. i will know the fate of all these characters that i have come to know and love so much and there won't be another book to look forward to. like i said, biggest dork ever.

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what a long strange weekend its been...

and its not over...

the superbowl starts in about an hour. i may be one of twelve people in the entire state of illinois that won't be watching. i just don't care enough about football. seriously. so, i'm having a harry potter marathon and sewing. a skirt, some business card cases, a purse - we'll see what i can get done while the guys in my basement scream and yell at the television.

friday i went to services for the first time in a LONG time. it was good. its always a drag getting there but once i'm there, i'm happy.

yesterday shawn & i went to see both his grandma & mine. that was exhausting for many, many different reasons. glad we did it but we were zonked. we the went ot my most favorite antique shop in chicago. this may be my favorite find.

isn't she the cutest ever? also amongst my finds - an adorable brooch, some fun stuff for teena, a 45 for shawn, an apron with the best fabric ever and some other valentines.

we then went to see pan's labyrinth. LOVED it. it made me want to make things with trees. so, ideas are percolating. we will see...

we also watched sorry, wrong number last night and made bananas foster. YUMMY.


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while shawn and friends watched the bears lose - big surprise, i sewed and watched harry potter 1, 2 and 3. i made a skirt and two purses - one which still needs some work

and the other which i will be posting to etsy soon.

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pretty winter day


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look ma! we're on someone's blog!

teena sent me an email this morning to let me know our beloved pixie rolls had been featured on rare bird finds. how cool is that?

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6 weird things about me

i'm been tagged so here it goes...

  1. i always drink milk with pizza. always.
  2. i cannot sleep if my feet are warm. and i get borderline psychotic if my feet get warm in the night and i wake me up.
  3. more than once when i was a child i had a dream about someone i loved the night before they died. nothing extraordinary - we'd usually just be sitting in a room, talking. it scared the bejeezus out of me though.
  4. i always have an item of clothing that i treat like a wooby. it will be so soft, so comfortable, so flattering that i will wear it everyday until someone (shawn) mentions it.
  5. i am terrified of going to the dentist. its my only irrational fear.
  6. when i was little i used to fly alone a lot. to pass the time on planes i would make up these ridiculous stories to tell the person i was sitting next to. i often wonder if anyone actually bought my silliness.

now, i'm tagging shawn, teena, phil, aga, and jenny (i can't find my bookmark to your blog!)

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a really sweet night

we had my parents, steve, carm & al over for dinner tonight. shawn made ravioli. i made dessert. peanut butter explosion. it was good, although i've done better. but it did look pretty.


all in all, it was a nice night. shawn even broke out the accordian.


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most extreme crafting

this weekend i made what seems like a million button rings, refashioned a skirt and sewed a brand new skirt. all thanks to the mxc marathon my dvr taped.

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