i'd call her astrid

i can't stand how cute this little bird is. teena made her (i think its a her) and she's available in teena's shop. i think she's a steal and have half a mind to go buy her myself.    

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even in australia

its tuesday and 3:25 and i'm feeling like crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head for the next week or so may not be the worst idea in the world. that's bad. by 10:00 yesterday morning i felt this way. work is currently quite difficult. for many, many reasons. but it's really nothing compared to the news i received last night.

teena & phil's dog sanders passed away. he was a sweet, old man - 91 in dog years. He died at home, while taking a nap. which, honestly, is how i hope everyone i love can go. but, it still doesn't make it any easier.  i hate losing dogs. i hate hearing my friends in pain when they are 900+ miles away and there's nothing i can do. and i loved sanders so i especially hate that i won't see him again. i do love that he particularly loved this squirrel toy i gave him.

i hope this string of terrible, no good, very bad days ends soon.

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are you kidding?

its been a terrible week. i haven't lost my mind completely though. i know that i have a job, albeit crazymaking. i know that i have my husband, however annoying. i know that i have my family, my dog, etc. i can't say i have my health because i'm going on day 11 of a headache - which has most definitely contributed to my bad week. but i get it. things could be worse. i get that. i am thankful for the things i have but it doesn't mean that my week hasn't been horrendous. i could go on but i won't. i'm annoying myself. but let me share with you the latest event in my own series of unfortunate events: my sewing machine is broken.


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squeaky squirrel toys

in memory of sanders, i will be donating 20% of all sales at all of my etsy  shops to the louisiana spca. miss you already!

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heart shaped world

let's hope this cookie is a sign of good things to come...P1050086

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10 things that make me happy

  1. its gorgeous. absolutely breathtaking. its in the seventies, humid and the sky is bright blue with giant puffy clouds.  i can almost forget that i'm in chicago and that there's a real possibility that it could be sub-zero again soon.
  2. my new birds. they were really fun to make and people seem to like them. that's nice.
  3. this. it makes me laugh.
  4. the cookies i made yesterday. so delicious.
  5. wallaby bartlett pear yogurt - who knew?
  6. this photo.
  7. and looking on the bright side of my sewing machine being busted - i'm getting all those patterns that i was dreading cutting cut.
  8. also, i'm learning what i don't want in a new sewing machine. and that's a good thing.
  9. the new kristin hersh.
  10. tomorrow i'm taking a mental health day (and going to the dr.)

and that today, on day 16 of my headache, a monday, i was able to come up with 10 things that make me happy.

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celebrating small victories

    sewing machine isn't fixed but the headache is gone. hurrah!

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right book, right moment

i was ranting at shawn last night about how wildly disappointed i was in marie antoinette. it felt like cotton candy - pretty to look at but ultimately unsatisfying. there was real potential but sofia kept it very shallow. i told shawn it was very much how i felt about the virgin suicides - a movie i really like but doesn't even come close to capturing the magic of the book.

at that moment the conversation took a turn. we started talking about movie adaptations and then just books in general. for me, the virgin suicides was one of those books.  for shawn its high fidelity.

there are books i adore that don't fall into this category. books i've read and re-read. books that i couldn't put down. books that made me forget the world existed altogether. and although some of these books possess some or all of those qualities, the books i'm thinking about they also leave you convinced  they were written just for you and quite
possibly about you.  books that make you feel like the author and you
are old friends.

before the virgin suicides it was the dylanist by brian morton. and then emma who saved my lifethe sixteen pleasures. and  starting out in the evening. like a hole in the head. parts of special topics in calamity physics were like that for me. there are more. and there will be more.  but for now, i'm just going to re-read the dylanist and forget all about marie antoinette.

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