cicada day #2

i swear they've tripled in hp. and in the city they still haven't surfaced. there are tunnels, no bugs. but they're everywhere at work. everyone is grossed out. but me. i walked around with my camera...



and here's my favorite pic from today and my favorite cicada thing i found on the internet...


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goodbye old friend

wilbur, you were a good sweet dog. you made mom & dom very happy for a very long time. they loved you. i loved you. you were always there with a smile, excited to see me. i'm going to miss you. and i can't type through all the tears...

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cicada day #3

they're still coming out of the ground. they're still molting. and the ones who have molted have started to climb. i'm guessing by monday the mating calls will have begun and it'll start feeling a bit more like a plague...




and for those of you unfamiliar with my pasty white arm this is indeed me with a cicada crawling up my arm...

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a lovely day

our outing to the kane county flea market was mildly successful. i bought a few things and one thing in particular made me giddy ( those pictures forthcoming) all in all,  it was a perfect day to  wander and look at all the eye candy...



on our way back we stopped at mitsuwa. they've expanded their book store! i restrained myself enormously. i got the current quilts japan and a book called sweet style.  i swear i'll be making myself every last thing in that book. so, well, sweet.

shawn went a little crazy in the snack department. and if there's one thing i can always count on in this topsy turny world its that shawn, my darling husband, will eat ANYTHING. so, he bought these...

tiny roasted snack crabs with sesame seeds. so odd. but he and colleen ate a few while syndy & i sat horrified.

this evening i hung out at cheryl's. we ordered takeout and watched hex. it was good.

and now, now i'm sleepy. nighty night...

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flea market booty


i couldn't resist the snail. i actually just stood there holding it for ten minutes debating. but ultimately i knew i'd wake up in the middle of the night wishing i'd gotten him. and here he is, destined to be something fabulous.

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snail trails

so, i knew he was destined for greatness. i think this may be one of the happiest things i've ever made...

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cicada days 4-9

so, i wasn't in highland park saturday or sunday. monday night there was nothing new to tell. still molting, still climbing. tuesday the noise started. it sounded like a mechanical hum, a little like the hatch in lost. wednesday i didn't work. thursday when i arrived i definitely noticed the volume had been turned up. and they are flying, like drunk old men stumbling home from the tavern. they are really entertaining to watch - i just wish they'd make their appearance in the city. my mom said they haven't even reared their ugly little heads by her. very odd.

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friday's random ten happy making things

#1 - this etsy shop.
#2 - the cicada hum. if i seem a bit obsessed its because i am. i was starting high school when they were last here and i just remember finding them icky. the older and infinitely more curious me thinks they rock now.
#3 - heroes. shawn & i are (re)watching season one. its so fantastic.
#4 - the newest apples in stereo.
#5 - my green toes.


#6 - the wraps i made for dinner last night - roasted chicken, apples, brie, baby greens, bacon, brianna's poppyseed dressing. yummy.
#7 - happy mail. mailorder #7 and prizes from sweet jessie arrived yesterday.
#8 - teena's new dolls. so freakin' cool.
#9 - my newly dyed green babydoll dress.*
#10 - summer

*crazymaking thing - my card reader won't work so i can't, at this moment, post the accompanying pic. grrrr.

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cicada day #10




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happy weekend




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she sells

this is going to be sent off on monday for the vintage dragonfly she sells seashells swap. i'm kind of loving it. i think i may need to make one or two more like this one...

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little old me!

i was just featured on pretty/modest - well, my barrette and bobby pins were at least. how great is that?

besides having a sweet little blog, jen is also a maker of things... check out this dress! me likey!

and speaking of my barrettes and bobby pins, check out the new cards i made for them. i'm pretty pleased...


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