sprouty goodness!


last weekend i planted seeds in two of my window boxes. look at what's there now! if only i could remember what i actually planted...

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cicada days #11 - 17

so, they're LOUD. very loud. i find it strangely soothing. no one else does.

they are also flying everywhere. crashing into things. landing on people. i had one on my shoulder for a little while the other day. i didn't mind. everyone else does.

what i do mind is that they don't really sit still long enough for pics these days. this is one of the only good pics i've gotten all week...

the weird thing is that some areas still don't have any. i was talking to one of our neighbors who said that the last time they were here the neighborhood was swarming. and mom still doesn't have any. odd.

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what i did during bonnaroo

shawn went on his own this year. its just too costly for both of us to go every year. well, it wouldn't be if it was our VACATION. but its not and now that we've set our sites on istanbul, pennies much be pinched. so...

i saw my parents and grandma. i refashioned 3 shirts, sewed up one dress, and cut two skirts. i didn't sleep because monkey doesn't like it when both her peeps aren't home. i watched 17 movies and developed a raging new celebrity crush. i was fairly antisocial - obviously. i was at one with my only child self, happily amusing myself. i mean, how could i not be happy while making this...

its part of my anniversary girl for shawn. its made out of one of my favorite old moth eaten sweaters that i felted. 7 years is wool so it seemed fitting.

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div dance is over

so, antioch is closing. i went there, briefly. i have proof...

i worked in the community government office.  i went to a "come as your favorite diety" dance and a "big top" div dance. there was the ever present press on campus. (ron reagan jr. was nice. i got drunk with a camera guy from mtv at my very first college party. the other reporters were a blur however plentiful.) i hung out with everyone else in the union building waiting to see our own lives satirized on snl. i made friends. i wandered the glen almost daily. i ate fruit loops for breakfast and hummus for lunch and dinner every single day. i visited nurse barb. i lived in derby. i had fun. i learned VERY little. although, my absolute favorite class was biology, which is odd. i hated science until then. i went to ramesh patel's eastern philosophy class, the class i thought i'd love the most, exactly twice and passed. the campus was in a perpetual uproar and tuition was HIGH. i became convinced no one could could receive a quality education at antioch and i left. and i felt shunned the second i announced my decision to older classmates. the majority of my friends who started the same year left soon after i did. 

so, when i saw the new york times yesterday i was a little stunned. but how should you feel about the demise of a place that you spent so much time feeling ambivalent about? 

antioch seems like ancient history to me now. i can look back with clearer and slightly wiser eyes. could someone receive a quality education at antioch? i couldn't though others have. my roommate graduated - quite possibly in
four years. and she's gone on to do the kind of work antioch graduates
are supposed to go on to do. she represents the best of antioch.

i was young. in love. homesick. and rudderless. this is a recipe for attrition at antioch. i can be honest about this now. and i believe in the idea of antioch.  i believe antioch and places like it need to exist. i believe that its especially important given today's political climate. but i believe its today's climate that will make it next to impossible for antioch to revive itself in 4 years, as it hopes to do. i will keep my fingers crossed though.

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cartolina postale

they're ready to go. i think they're kind of cute...


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when you're feeling sinister

bake... that's what i do.



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work in progress

sorry for the blurriness/darkness. its a gloomy day and i can't seem to make my camera cooperate...


i liked my bird postcards that i made a larger one - 8" x 10". as soon as she's complete she'll fly to the shop and await directions to her next home. these are fun to make. i have a feeling there will be more. it also gave me a chance to use my new favorite art supply - the sharpie paint marker.

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happy summer


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my new love


this is josie. josie belongs to a coworker's mom. she's been spending some time in our office. and although she doesn't make it easy to get work done, who could resist that face?

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i hate when i glance at my blog and find a typo. it annoys the crap out of me. after all, i'm a reasonably intelligent girl. i always did well in english. so, what the hell is my problem? grrrrrr.

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life is funny

i made 5 purses this weekend. all but one has made its way to the shop. the one that didn't - i couldn't give it up. its the mushroom-y one in this pic. thankfully, i have enough to make a second one.

i also spent an inordinate time mooning over my husband this weekend. i think i missed him while he was at bonnaroo. that, and he's cute.

and then i had the weirdest conversation with my mom today. as weird as a conversation we once had about amsterdam - trust me, it was WEIRD.  anyway, we were discussing our annoyance with the new treasury and our inability to get a list and how annoying that is. etsy has created this whole new common ground for my mom and i. mind you, she barely used the internet a few years ago. now she maintains two etsy shops, all by herself. way to go mom!

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"From your 164  subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read  4,626  items, starred  106  items, and shared  102  items."
that tidbit brought to you by google reader "trends." i am scared. i really would rather not have known that...

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