7 years ago today. and this is my favorite wedding picture. everytime one of my favorite songs played, shawn appeared, ready to dance. i think that's what we're discussing in this pic.

he's feeling bad today. in order to come up with an idea for a PERFECT gift, he didn't get anything. and tonight he had to go to the airport to pick up his cousin because no one else could. its not exactly the way we wanted to spend our anniversary. but its ok. because of this picture. and because of who he's been everyday since.

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cicada days #18 - 36


they're dying. the sound is becoming softer and softer. i barely even notice it. their dead bodies are everywhere and they've been crashing into everything left and right. there was more than one cicada incident in the office.

so, they've done what they need to do and they're disappearing again. not to be heard from again for another 17 years. how weird.


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dorkiest date night ever

us, some shrinky dinks, take out italian, some wine and we were two very happy campers...

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hasenfeffer incorporated

we decided to spend the day in milwaukee today. we'd hit art vs. craft, maybe summerfest, eat some custard, drink some beer...

so, we met nancy and andy of circa ceramics. i've admired their work for awhile and have tried to pimp their work in the treasury a bunch so it was really nice to meet them!

here's some sweet little art on the sidewalk...

an excellent street performer who was definitely rocking the harpo marx vibe...
some pretty flowers...

an interesting building under renovation...

and our booty...

and part of my anniversary gift from shawn. i'd been admiring it on etsy for awhile. it was a hundred times cooler in person. pictures cannot possible do it justice - but pardon my blurriness anyway!

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notes on a collection

i was showing shawn a gift from karen, my mother's best friend - a lovely gift actually. it was incredibly thoughtful and cool. it came in the midst of a few not so nice days so i was touched.. he looked at it and said, "its happening. you must put a stop to it now..." "but its just an owl," i said.

and then i knew what "it" was and that he was absolutely correct. you see, my mom has an owl collection. please note that i did not say she collects owls. no, no, she got one because she thought it was cute. and another. and then people were like, "oooooh, diane collects owls. now we know what to give her for THE. REST. OF. HER. LIFE." i don't think i underestimate when i say she has hundreds.

i have some owls.

i bought them because they were cute and they reminded me of my mom. or they just appeared like this one.

i have made art with owls. i occasionally use a notepad with owls on it. i have even rocked the owl earrings from time to time.

but i do NOT collect owls. i say this mere moments before my birthday, where i could receive owls from people who had purchased them before this post. i will accept them graciously. i will probably even love them.  you see, it is not the owl, it is the collection. and since shawn and i have been trying to declutter our lives, the idea of collections seems counterintuitive. even if they are so damn cute.

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the one where i say aw shucks

my birthday box from teena came. it contained this necklace. purty.

and this - also quite purty.

and this adorington itty bitty needle felted cake which just makes me smile...

and then this morning i went into work to find the most beautiful flowers from hollis' garden and this intriguing little package...

i think its was the sweetest gift ever...

and the birthday weekend has barely begun...

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i don't usually check but...

IF JULY 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Actor Forest Whitaker (1961) shares
your birthday today. You're kind, generous and supportive to loved
ones. You believe in being useful to others. You're resourceful at
using whatever is around you to the best of your ability. You're a
strong influence on others, whether or not you know this. (Be aware of
this power and influence so that you can use it.) In the year ahead,
you'll work hard to build something important.


IF JULY 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You're extremely thoughtful about
the direction you'd like your life to take this year. However, there
are some decisions you immediately know are right for you. Seize these
opportunities, and fascinating developments perk up your personal and
professional life through the next 10 weeks. Capricorn and Libra people
adore you. Your lucky numbers are 7, 4, 33, 16 and 48.


Today's birthday (July 15). This is an excellent year for making money. Set it up to do something you love and get very well paid for it. Even if you work for somebody
else, have a business of your own.
Today is an 8.

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more berfday love

this is how shawn brought me my morning iced cafe au lait (don't mind his hairy chest)...

and the card he made for me...


and can i just say that knowing i have fabulous friends who not only embrace my weirdness but encourage it by buying me presents like this is the definition of lucky.

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i think this is gorgeous. seriously. it reminds of i'm smitten - weird and beautiful. creepy and sweet.

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you tube is eeeeeevil

so, i just saw that bat for lashes video and was sucked into the vortex of youtube. i remembered shawn talking about the kill bill style dramatic chipmunk.

and then i was meandering about and found this. i love daft punk. and this just cracks me up.

its really good that i'm not at work right now.

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last chance

cheryl & i are going to go to barnes and noble tonight to get our copies of harry potter. i haven't done the midnight thing for any of the other books. earlier this week i knew i had to. last chance, you know?

i finished #6 last night at about 1:30. i forgot what a kick to the gut it was. dumbledore?!? how on earth am i going to get through 700-odd pages without dumbledore? its unimaginable. but yet, in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, i will be doing it. and facing the very real possibility that more of these characters i've grown to love will die.

so, yes, i will be at barnes and noble tonight. i will wait in line with my wristband. i will pay for my copy. and i just know i will hug it to my chest. and then i'll race home, take a deep breathe and start reading. if you don't hear from me for a couple days, you'll know why. and if fred and george die, it'll be even longer.

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