a felting we will go

a portion of my recent salvation army haul, all drying and destined to become wristwarmers, stockings and purses...

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flashback friday

happy birthday shawn - if this picture doesn't make you feel old, i don't know what would...

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it can be beautiful

during summer. in grant park. listening to music. this was one of those moments that made me wonder how i'd ever leave chicago. and then i remembered january. and february. march, april and well, november and december too. right - that's why i will someday leave chicago.

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maybe sparrow

when i was at syndy's on saturday, we listened to fox confessor. i don't know what it is about that album but i hear it once and i can listen to nothing but that for the next week. to say i don't know what it is isn't entirely true. there are so many things about it that i love that its hard to point to one thing. it reminds me of how i felt the first time i read in watermelon sugar. that teenage feeling makes my toes tingle. maybe sparrow is one of my most favorite songs to sing in the car. other songs are a kick to the gut. regardless, its all i've listened to this week.

and its making me really happy that shawn pre-ordered the new new pornagraphers.

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i still know what it means...

...even if i'm not writing about it as often as i used to. two years ago, shawn and i had decided that we were moving to new orleans someday. it was a part of our short/long term plan. we talked about it alot. i think we don't talk about it very much now because its hard. there's nowhere we'd rather be. we have obligations in chicago though, responsibilities. but i also feel a sense of obligation to new orleans. maybe its on my mind more now because august 29 is looming. i miss new orleans every single day. i feel it in my pores. and when i think about hurricane season, our friends, and our beloved city, i can't breathe.

so, this is probably the first post of many on this topic this month. and here's two articles that prompted this post.

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the case of the disappearing blooger

so, i took an unplanned blog vacation.  the last two weeks have been so nutty, so exhausting, that at the end of the day, i couldn't even imagine sitting down at the computer to write about my day. so here's some highlights:

i finished the alphabet project for sarah at sacred art


contemplated weeds


our basement flooded, again


ate the prettiest peach ever


read a lot of neil gaiman, got a haircut, went to the doctor, worked, ALOT, made a bunch of new button jewelry, missed my animals (i feel like i've been neglecting them all!)


visited shannon & phil's brand new house, got a new blythe doll, courtesy of mom


tried to figure out exactly what it is you're supposed to do when tornado sirens go off while driving, baked a tres leches cake, key lime pie and the best chocolate chips ever.

i also experienced some big time shop love the past couple weeks. thank you thank you thank you. i do so appreciate it.

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