bring us some figgy something

i feel almost human again. i hung with grandma for awhile this afternoon. i planned our meals for the week and went grocery shopping. i packed orders to drop at the post office tomorrow. and we made dinner... well, shawn made dinner. i made dessert. and yay us for using the seasonal ingredients. pork tenderloin fig kebabs and fig concord grape clafouti.

the kebabs seemed easy. they were beautiful. and DELICIOUS.


the clafouti was not the easiest recipe i've ever made. de-seeding concord grapes is not an easy task.  and it probably could have set a bit better. but hot damn, yummy yummy.


if you're feeling brave and can still get figs or concords - go for it!

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an unnatural longing

teena just alerted me to the existence of this:

i have often considered buying one of those fancy castle cake pans but i always think twice. now i know why. someday an octopus cake mold would appear and make ever other fancy cake pan in existence pale in comparison. a castle? ha! this octopus crushes your castle. does it get better? no, no i don't think it does.

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friday's random ten happymaking things

  1. this squirrel.
  2. this article about vivienne westwood's current view on fashion - fashion diets required. i couldn't agree more.
  3. this cute overload pic. mossy furry goodness.
  4. betz white's leaves and acorns. so cute.
  5. this halloween garland.
  6. the fabulous new dress my mom made.
  7. this recipe.
  8. bizarre birdie love triangle. so cute.
  9. this print.
  10. the holidays being over at work. phew.
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its that time of the year

when i'm forced to ask the age old question..


how many taffy apple is too many taffy apples?

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now that's what i call true love


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apparently its funny animal day

in our household...


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aw, shucks...

tell me i'm pretty, i'll say nah. tell me i'm smart, i'll tell you i lucked out. tell me i have a great sense of style and i'm yours. seriously.

i was at the whole foods deli picking up curry chicken and couscous for lunch and my favorite woman who works in the deli and i were discussing the vintage skirt i had on. she noticed my bag. and then mentioned my sunglasses that she'd admired before... "you've got a great sense of style," she said. i blushed. and really, it made my day.

then again, its easy for me to look put together in the fall. its time for all my favorite clothing. knee socks, knee length skirts, layers and mary janes...

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where's shana?

i've spent many, many hours over the last week sewing. pixierolls. lots and lots of pixierolls. i had yarn con on saturday and we needed cases! that however doesn't really explain what i was doing up at 2:00 a.m. saturday sewing a banner for my table. that was an act of madness. i would show you a picture but i actually think my camera was stolen on saturday on my way to the show. ugh.

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blog action day

so, its 10:30 - better late than never right?

here i am, 32 years old. i spent a great deal of time as a child learning from my mom about environmental issues. when i was in high school she was on a one woman crusade to get her employer, the united states postal service, to recycle. i went to college. and then shawn and i moved in together. and we started accumulating stuff. and more stuff. we moved out of our apartment and into a house. more stuff. but at least we could now recycle. that offset the stuff, right?

katrina was a turning point. the role global warming played in that hurricane season got me thinking. and then we went to new orleans to volunteer. and i went back. and back again. 6  or 7 times in a year and a half. there are so many ways in which new orleans could open anyone's eyes. here's a few: the toxic mold that was born in that chemical infested water could absolutely scare the shit out of anyone; dragging someone's waterlogged belongings out of their house could make anyone think long and hard about all their own stuff; seeing the entire ecosystem turned upside down in the bayou could leave anyone wondering "what have we done?"

and here i am today. trying desperately. doing what i can. giving just about everything i purchase a second or  thought. could i make this? do i really need this? i usually can (make it) and usually don't (need it.) recycling more. trying to conserve energy. cleaning out the closets and donating. repurposing. reusing. replacing evil cleaning chemicals with  safer, greener ones. banishing plastic bags.  composting. rethinking christmas and chanukah. everyday i learn of something else we can do. and we should.

thanks mom. it took some time but you had to know all that green would eventually rub off.

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this was the view out my office window today.

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come see me!

tomorrow, here. be there or be square...

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big sky country

my camera and i have been bonding lately while driving. i've been a little obsessed with the sky. its just been so gorgeous. i blame it on october.








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