i can't believe january's over. how did that happen? i started the year with such high hopes. and then, well, the plague took hold. 3 and a half weeks ago. the rest of the month has been a blur of movie rentals, blankets, kleenex, tea, and antibiotics. i missed 6 days of work. i slept. i slept. and then i slept some more. ugh.

february, that's where its at. big things will happen in february. like getting rid of this sore throat. and the actual making of things. and perhaps, a social life again.

a girl can dream...

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i knew it!

i said february would be better. today was a snow day. pure bliss.

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a month of movies

january and all its illness did afford me the time to catch up on movies. here's the rundown:

  • evening
  • paprika
  • the namesake
  • paris j'taime
  • ratatouille
  • fay grim
  • sunshine
  • suburban girl
  • smiley face
  • the bourne ultimatum
  • live free & die hard
  • once
  • ocean's 13
  • mr. brooks
  • alpha dog
  • music & lyrics
  • license to wed
  • the ten
  • driving lessons
  • mr. woodcock
  • idiocracy
  • halloween (rob zombie)
  • wicked little things
  • waitress

ok, that's a little insane.  and i watched all of angel. between the writer's strike and being sick, i guess that's what happens.

my three favorites were once, the namesake and waitress. all three were pretty amazing. i've thought about the namesake almost everyday though. kal penn was remarkable - who knew? and its just such a beautiful story. and well, mira nair rocks my little world. monsoon wedding is definitely in my top 10 of all time.

hmmm, what is my top ten of all time right now? let's see...

  1. the godfather (1 & 2)
  2. halloween (1 & 2)
  3. the pink panther
  4. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  5. night of the living dead
  6. monsoon wedding
  7. stealing beauty
  8. to catch a thief
  9. the philadelphia story
  10. guess who's coming to dinner

i so love movies.

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first thing

ok, so since the holidays i've had the plague. and there's been very little sunlight. so, i haven't been able to take good pictures of the BEST present ever.

every morning when i wake up this is the first thing i see...

shawn ordered 5 gorgeous little needle felted birds from lauren alane and made me a mobile with them. i adore it. i mean come on...


the pink bird is my fave. she's wearing headphones for god's sake!

shawn really is the best husband a girl could ask for.

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he still surprises me

shawn does not usually go in for hearts and flowers. now, don't misunderstand me. he gets me a beverage whenever i ask for it. even if he's just gotten comfy. he takes good care of me when i'm sick - which has been the entirety of 2008.  he puts up with my crankiness. he tolerates my love of bad music & tv. he never complains when the house is a mess and i haven't cooked in weeks because i'm busy sewing. i love and adore him for all of these things and a million more. valentine's day gifts, not something i would necessarily expect except this morning i woke up, went to check my email and my desk was covered with bags of all my favorite candies. and then, THIS was in my email. i actually got a little choked up.

he totally rocks.

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momma's got a brand new blythe


and she looks eerily like me.

and she won't whine if mom makes her wear a slip!

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on top of spaghetti

so, on top of the plague, there has been some other "stuff" weighing pretty heavily on me. shannon gave her notice three weeks ago. an offer she couldn't refuse fell into her lap. i do NOT fault her for taking it. not even a little. its just been stressful. hiring someone was the least of it - which says a lot since that was quite the task. its that she's shannon. she's like my sister. she's one of my closest friends. and i've seen her almost everyday for SIX years. friday was her last day. that was weird. today is the first day without her. very weird.

BUT, its not like i'm not going to see her. she is, after all, still family.

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total eclipse of the heart

yeah, yeah. too easy, i know.

shawn & i took monkey for a walk during the eclipse. we were probably outside for 45 minutes. and its COLD. we actually went in for a few minute, made tea and went back out with our tea cups. we're the dorkiest couple on the planet.

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zombies on the brain

after much ado shawn & i finally went to see diary of the dead.  giddiness ensued. seriously. i squealed  more than once while clapping wildly.  it was too much fun for words. without being silly. it was heavy in many parts - i don't want to lie. and bloody. and there was a zombie clown. but there was also a KICK ASS amish dude named samuel.  and some really sweet politcal jabs.  it was so good i didn't even care that i got a parking ticket.

if you are at all inclined toward the undead, go now...

Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

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look at the little bird!


thanks to shawn for the help with the legs!

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