happy days are here again

february is over. i took some pics and posted another bird.(i made a few more last night. an army is forming. i believe the mission of that army is to bring peace and happiness to all!)

we had an etsy team meeting and were productive. we bummed around division a bit, walking a few blocks, never complaining that it was too cold. we went to rotofugi, the comic book store and had a few beers at cleo's. we went to the video store and tonight we will watch 30 days of night. it was a perfectly lovely day. i seriously think i can get through the rest of winter without injury. or medication.

plus, i finally took my new blythe out and took a pic of her in her fabulous snowbunny suit...

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blog crush

i don't know how i discovered the park bench but i am very glad i did. liz rules. nerds rule!

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hopelessly uncool confession #1

while watching the season finale of project runway tonight, i got a little choked up. my eyes were filled to the brim. a tear never hit my cheek but it was a close one. ok, so it happened twice. once while jillian was talking about how hard she'd worked to get there. and yeah, as i sat on the couch, handsewing yo-yos, all i could think is "i hear you sister." they'd all worked incredibly hard. and it showed. and since i can barely get a skirt done in a month, i can't even imagine...

i thought i'd be dreaming about that incredible sweater jillian designed and writing the pattern out in my head. i thought i'd be daydreaming about walking down the red carpet in rami's lace dress. but no, my thoughts keep drifting back to this:

this look by christian is like some kind of fantastic, post apocalyptic isabel archer. and while we're on the topic of christian...

the other moment was at the end. he and rami were standing on the runway, awaiting the verdict. christian's lower lip was quivering from the stress. all season i had really wanted to like christian. he does after all sport a magnificent cephalopod tattoo on his arm. but  i didn't like him until last night. he was humble until he'd actually won. and then, he deserved to be a bit cocky. i mean really.

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hopelessly uncool confession #2

for the last month or so, i've seen the words "vampire weekend" all over the pop culture blogs i read. and honestly, i thought the posts were about some horror-con type thingy. and i skipped reading them. no use reading about something i'd never be able to attend, right?

um, yeah. silly me. vampire weekend is a band. and even more uncool, i learned this while listening to npr! they reviewed the cd on all things considered tonight. and i felted compelled to get off the expressway, stop at best buy and purchase it just because of the 30 second clips they played during the review. seriously happy. like a ska, african and garage band all rolled into one really exuberant package.

and yet, shawn, the cooler one in our marraige, had not heard of vampire weekend, horror-con or otherwise!

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a perfectly lovely weekend

shawn left for milwaukee yesterday morning to see ace frehley. then he was going to go skiing at wilmot with shannon and phil today. he'd be home around dinner. 36 hours sans husband, yippee. now, don't get me wrong. i adore him. but i have a to do list as long as my arm. when he's here its harder to get as much done as i'd like.

so, i have worked on pixierolls, taken pics, baked brownies, made soup, gone grocery & thrift shopping, made a bunch of rings with the thrift store treasure i unearthed, made yo-yo necklaces, saw grandma, went to breakfast with mom and saw be kind rewind...

oh, and it was SUNNY.


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  Originally uploaded by Ape Lad

today shawn told me he had a present for me. i never, in a million years, would've guessed that  it would have been this hand drawn pic by the amazingly talented adam koford of lol cats fame! this may have made my week!

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owly party

if forced to choose one material to work with for the rest of my life i'd have to go with felted wool. there is nothing better. its fuzzy. its unpredictable (you really never know how its going to come out of the washing machine!) its just lovely.  and i'm giving life to thrift store sweaters. and using every last little bit. what rocks harder than that? well, ok, maybe shawn but still...

so, after many, many birds, i've moved onto owls.

shawn thought my first attempt looked "special" - my word, not his. i thought what he wanted looked naked. this was the compromise. i'm pretty sure i could just eat him up. although he doesn't have a name yet. hmmm.

and then there's our poor legless friend.

i need to get some more wire. ASAP. i couldn't possible make a parliament of owls without legs.

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i have a dream

that this man will be our next president. he reminds me that my america doesn't only exist in reruns of the west wing.

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happy weekend / spring /easter

this weekend i've watched a lot of hitchcock (fabulous), the new nancy drew movie (disappointing), made a lot of owls (happy), bought 70 daffodils for less than $15 (wonderful), eaten shawn's lasagna (yummy), and been given what has to be one of the most bizarre and embarrassing artifacts of my childhood. for those more visually inclined:



yup. that's a crucifixion made with clay and popsicle sticks.  what sort of elementary school teacher thinks that is a good idea? (mrs. olson - she also made me write "i will not talk" 100 times on the chalkboard, a la bart simpson) and what sort of person holds onto it for probably 25 years?  (grandma) very, very weird.

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