its the little things

after 6 months of winter, 2 months of illness and lots of stress and sadness, it seems that spring, that elusive maiden has finally arrived. it was the most wonderful revelation. we were coming home from the funeral and this is what i saw.


and then, after a few hours at home kateri called to alert me to this:

i fell asleep while waiting for the treasury to open last night to do this list. well worth it, i'd say.

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best ice cream man ever

we heard the ice cream truck. shawn disappeared and came back with this:

a frakking banana split. things about this that rock:

  1. our ice cream man is pimped out enough to serve up banana splits not just good humor bars!
  2. shawn heard the music and thought hmmm, i wonder if they could make a banana split?
  3. a banana split!
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this week's happy making things

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ok, so not a lot is making me happy right now. this pic is though.
shawn and the few others i'm talking to at the moment would tell me that's its normal. that i'm grieving. and i know one day i'll wake up and feel a little less sad.  a little less like i'm going to fall to pieces at the drop of a hat. a little more like myself.

so, for the moment, i'm going to try to focus on the positive. here's a few other things that made me happy this week:

  • shawn sold ALL of his fire flowers after being featured on this blog.(read the comments - some negative, many HILARIOUS)
  • terrariums from theoakleaves. i bought three. they are AMAZING little worlds. i just want to climb inside their mossy lushness. she sent me an extra one because i keep putting her in treasury lists.
  • curse of the spellmans.
  • tv. the strike seems to have improved many shows. i am LOVING grey's anatomy again. and lost just rocks. "we have to move the island!" excellent
  • i've felt a great deal of etsy love lately. sales have been good. lists i've made have hit the front page. list i've been in have hit the front page. i may need to revise my sales goals for the year.
  • the mother's day gift i've made my mom. its funny and functional. i'm hoping she LOVES it.

ok, i came up with more than one thing. that's progress right?

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paper and mugs and candles, oh my!

come see me at the chicago style crafters team trunk show - saturday, may 17 and sunday, may 18. hosted by the lovely and talented  circa ceramics in their studio located at 3759 n. ravenswood in chicago. showtime is from 12PM to 5PM each day. if that's not enticement enough, shawn and my birds will be there...

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patience, grasshopper

i have taken an unplanned blog break. sometime two weeks ago i had no choice but to surrender completely to the grieving process. in the couple of weeks after the funeral i was just going through the motions to get through each day. there was a lot going on and i couldn't quite let myself break down. the stress at work eased up a bit and the tears began. and they just keep coming.

saturday we were doing a bit of yard work. i was putting away some tools in the garage. i noticed a box and thought "why is that out here?" and opened it. this hanky was there.


i never know when its going to hit me. and i know it will get easier.  i'm not quite there yet. i'm still feeling fragile. so forgive me for not posting, answering emails and phone calls. i'll be there soon. promise.

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