the one where i let my geek flag fly

about a month or so ago i started to re-watch buffy. i no longer feel compelled to watch each and every episode of every season. but today i've been watching season 7, episode after episode. shawn's been joining me for an episode here, an episode there and while we were eating dinner he said, "so season 3 is your favorite right? and season 4 is your least favorite. how do the others rate?

after much deliberation: 3, 6, 7, 2, 1, 5, 4

but one geeky question led to more geeky questions in my fan girl brain. is my ranking correct? if i had to go by the number of episodes per season i now watch when rewatching would the ranking be the same?

here it goes...

season one: welcome to the hellmouth, witch, the pack, angel, the puppet show, out of mind, out of sight and prophecy girl (7 episodes)

season two: school hard, halloween, lie to me, the dark age, what's my line part 1 & 2, surprise, innocence, phases, bewitched, bothered & bewildered, passion and becoming part 1 & 2 (13 episodes)

season three: dead man's party, faith, hope & trick, beauty & the beasts, homecoming, band candy, revelations, the wish, amends, gingerbread, the zeppo, bad girls, consequences, doppelgangland, enemies, earshot, choices, the prom and  graduation day part 1 & 2  (20 episodes)

season four: living conditions, fear itself, beer bad, pangs, something blue, hush, a new man and new moon rising (8 episodes)

season five: buffy vs. dracula, the replacement, family, fool for love, triangle, checkpoint, the body, forever,  intervention, the weight of the world and the gift (11 episodes)

season six: bargaining part 1 & 2, flooded, life serial, all the way, once more with feeling, tabula rasa, smashed, wrecked, gone, doublemeat palace, hell's bells, normal again, entropy, seeing red, villians, two to go and grave (18 episodes)

season seven: beneath you, same time, same place, help, selfless, him, conversations with dead people, potential, the killer in me, first date, get it done, storyteller, lies my parents told me, dirty girls, empty places, touched, end of days and chosen (17 episodes)

so, 3, 6, 7, 2, 5, 1, 4 . interesting. i think 5 and 1 swtiched only because season 1 is short. buffy was, after all, a midseason replacement.

my favorite episodes by season?

season one: welcome to the hellmouth - the pilot. its funny and it does its job of introducing everyone. plus, buffy explains it all pretty succinctly here:

giles: into every generation, a slayer is born. one girl in all the world, a choosen one. one born with the...
giles & buffy: ...the strength and skill to hunt the vampires...
buffy: stop the spread of their evil blah blah. i've heard it, okay?

season two: becoming part 2 - i had to actually stop watching buffy for a few seasons after this was originally aired so deep was my heartbreak. she <sob> has to <sob> kill<sob> angel<gasp>.

season three: the prom - class protector! the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone! that dreamy version of wild horses! xander and the dress! anya, oh anya! and don't forget the hellhounds!

season four: hush - is this everyone's favorite? it must be. the gentlemen are the creepiest ever.  and the scene in the auditorium where giles is drawing out their plan? Hi-larious. and that blood curdling scream at the end? for real, one of my favorite hours of television.

season five: buffy vs. dracula - the thrall! the master(bator)! the dracubabes! and the introduction of dawn in the most puzzling episode cliffhanger, ever. [note: a close second is the body. although i could never call it my favorite it is one of the best hours of television ever. it deals with real human death in the most realistic and painful way. it kills me everytime.]

season six: once more with feeling - i could gush. i won't. but i could. and it would be more annoying than this whole post.

season seven: chosen - a really great end. and that perfect smile on buffy's face at the very end just makes me happy.

i now return you to the regularly scheduled, and much less geeky, blog. this episode was brought to you in part by imdb.

but, if you've never seen buffy go now, put it in your netflix queue, get it from the library, target usually has it cheap... just do it though. seriously!

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birthday wish list

1. this print.
2. alabama stitch book

3. guitar hero aerosmith
4. pie cookbooks. i think there's one called killer pies that i keep looking at.
5. terrariums.
6. these prints.
7. some new skirts. or some time to sew some new skirts.
8. this ring.

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oh dear

thunder woke me up. i decided to get up and check my email. there was an email that read:


Thanks for applying to the 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in
CHICAGO!  We're happy to say you've been accepted to be a vendor in the
fair! This year's event is scheduled to take place September 13 + 14...

i smiled and figured i could go back to sleep happy. shawn was half awake because of the thunder so i told him the good news. pixel party & cookoorikoo would be selling our wares at renegade. he asked for a sleepy, half assed high five and my mind immediately started to race through the list of things we need to do. oh me, oh my...

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love me?

oh my god. syndy was wearing this shirt tonight.

yanni! and they're not available online yet. grrr. argh.

tomorrow, when my ears stop ring i'll gush about what a rockstar shawn is.

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the jimmy were great. really and truly great. and shawn really is fantastic. he gets better and better. and he seems more and more confident, more comfortable on stage. he makes a girl proud to his groupie  uh wife.

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33 years

i'm cranky. so cranky. unbearably cranky. so cranky, in fact, that i do not want to be around me. and i'm an only child, accustomed to making my own fun and being my own best friend... this is sad.

after snapping at shawn for the umpteenth time tonight, i retreated into my studio to ready items for ringdom. it was the best plan for all involved. and after pouting and seething and roughing up my work table, it hit me.

tomorrow is my birthday. and i miss lucy. horribly.

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how cute!

thanks etsy! how cute is that!?

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33 things to do before i turn 34

  1. figure out lucy's crumble bar recipe
  2. workout regularly
  3. write songs with shawn
  4. clean the studio
  5. send happy mail at least once a month
  6. get rid of 34 things a month
  7. buy a new camera
  8. see the ocean - its been too long
  9. visit the farm
  10. take monkey for more walks
  11. sew 5 new skirts
  12. ride the train to work
  13. check out books from the library and return them on time
  14. returned unopened netflix movies after one week
  15. finish 3 knitting projects
  16. take yoga with cheryl
  17. bake more pies
  18. write more
  19. write more letters
  20. learn some hebrew
  21. refinish a piece of furniture
  22. have friends over for dinner more
  23. silkscreen a poster
  24. read before i go to bed most days
  25. ride my bike
  26. eat less meat
  27. find something to love about winter in chicago
  28. paint my kitchen
  29. sleep in more
  30. frame 4 things from the waiting to be framed pile
  31. practice the bass
  32. vote for the next president
  33. be like water

PLEASE NOTE: i totally ganked this idea from the lovely and talented andrea. she's a rock star caliber listmaker.

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one woman sweat shop

i have so much work to do. i've been making. and making. and making. and yet, there's still more to make. here's my favorite thing so far...

the 25 aurora borealis rhinestones made it no so easy to photograph. 25 rhinestones. 12 pearls. i may need to keep it for myself.

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pie demystified

now that i've mastered pie crust i can't be stopped. seriously. i'm considering baking yet another cherry pie tonight. or maybe more mini pies like these.P1170272

then again, i could just eat the cherries until i burst. they're just so darn good.

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one word meme

i found this over at sweet jessie and like her found the one word answers simple and appealing...

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your significant other? rehearsal
3. Your hair? red
4. Your daughter? nonexistant
5. Your son? same
6. Your favorite thing? vintage
7. Your dream last night? unmemorable
8. Your favorite drink? coffee
9. Your goal? change
10. The room you’re in? living
11. Your church? synagogue
12. Your fear? dentist
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? nola
14. Where were you last night? studio
15. What you’re not? detatched
16. Muffins? banana
17. One of your wish list items? thing
18. Where you grew up? here
19. The last thing you did? sew
20. What are you wearing? pajamas
21. Your TV? wonderfalls
22. Your pets? energetic
23. Your computer? mac
24. Your life? happy
25. Your mood? spacey
26. Missing someone? lucy
27. Your car? scion
28. Something you’re not wearing? bra
29. Favorite store? target
30. Your summer? disappearing
31. Like(love) someone? yes
32. Your favorite color? perwinkle
33. Last time you laughed? 7:00
34. Last time you cried? birthday
35. Who will repost this? aga?

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the one where i realize i should be riding the short bus

i'm special. in the way that only a mother could love.

i just wrote a post. i hit save. then i went to view my blog because i hadn't actually checked it out in a while. something wasn't right. where were all my posts from the last week and a half? oh dear. saved as drafts. huh?

like i said, special. and eventually, we all get on the shortbus.

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