an ode to skunkboy

skunkboycreatures must be one of my favorite etsy shops. when i'm having a bad day, i visit her shop  and ooooh and ahhhh at the cuteness. and then i curse her - she must be stopped. she practices what kateri has dubbed cruel and unusual crafting.

exhibit a)

exhibit b)

and exhibit c)

and having purchased and been the recipient of a gift from skunkboy, i can attest to their high quality. they are beautifully made and detailed. they are silly and charming and just a little heartbreaking.

plus, i visited katie's blog and oh my! she plays the accordian. she has pigtails and plays the accordian. i'm not sure from where she hails but i'm faily certain its the cutest place on earth.

she sent me a convo on etsy asking if i was going to be at renegade, that she'd really like to come for a visit. i'd love to meet here but i'm afraid i'd just die from all the cute.

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she puts a spell on me

zooey deschanel that is. i adored her in mumford. and again in almost famous. i loved her on weeds. and everything else i've ever seen her in.

i've been loving she & him volume 1 since i bought it. m.ward is fantastic and i adore her voice. its the perfect summer cd. and then shawn bought tickets to see them.

the show was tonight. it was everything i hoped for and more. m. ward was amazing and she really shined. those are some pipes she's got. they encored with i put a spell on you and bring it on home to me - two of my most favorite songs.

plus, she's just cute. seriously. check out this video...

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guess who is not going to be the next sanity fair cover girl?

since the moment i got the renegade email i've been in overdrive. i am away from home for about 10 hours a day at my day job.  i then come home and sew and cut and glue. weekends are spent almost entirely working.  i made the mistake a few months ago of keeping track of the hours i spend working on my non-day job endeavors. an average of thirty hours a week. some weeks more, some weeks less but the upshot is i'm basically working a full-time job on top of my full time job. its a little insane.

i anticipate collapse soon after renegade. but wait, that's rosh hashanah. and then yarn con.

i guess the good news it that i'm making huge progress...

and making pretty things.

and despite being tired i really am happy.

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a few of my favorite things

1) shawn and monkey. i mean really. i would be seriously losing it right now if it weren't for them.

2) this
3) these custom birds i made for someone's wedding.

4) these amazing new heidi kenney plush creations.
5) the fall tv schedule. god, i love tv.
6) riki blanco.

7) these pics.

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birds in progress

all awaiting faces and feet. getting ready from renegade is exhausting.

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happy new ring

seriously. i can't stand it. i may have to keep it.

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my name is miss tiffany...

... and i'm the cutest owl shana has ever made.

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i still know what it means

i am worried sick. teena & phil will be evacuating soon, possibly coming back to chicago for the time being. the models show gustav nailing new orleans or maybe drifting west. i don't feel right hoping for it to head west, i don't want to wish destruction on anyone but i am so afraid of what could happen if nola gets hit. and today's the day - 3 years ago katrina hit and the levees broke. a week ago it seemed like a distant memory. today it seems like yesterday. everything i watched on the news, everything i saw when i went down to volunteer - i can feel it. i just don't know what to say or do. i guess all i can do is wait and worry.

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shawn gone wild

renegade is getting to both of us.

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