and the countdown truly begins

less than two weeks until renegade. omfg. i cannot even imagine how i'm going to get through the next two weeks. work is crazy. i'm worried about new orleans. i'm exhausted. and i still have TONS of work to do.

earlier today i did take this picture. i was trying to get a pic for bookmarks i'm having made. this isn't the one i'm using for the bookmark but i kind of love it.

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a little renegade stress relief

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more renegade stress relief

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i've been killing myself to get ready for renegade. killing. myself.

work has been nuts. i've been working 10-11 hour days all week.

i had a fight with my mom.

my goldfish died.

and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for this weekend.

if you come to renegade and see me muttering to myself it will be one of two phrases:

be like water.

make it work.

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bring your umbrellas


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raindrops keep falling on my head

and yet there are still customers. the city of chicago is in a state of emergency. the wind was gusty and threatened to take the side of our tent repeated. every other outdoor festival in the city was cancelled this weekend. and we're sitting in a tent on the street. we deserve a merit badge... no, really.


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just like old times

i got to hang with my childhood best friend tonight. i am dog sitting for my parents and pam lives near them so i invited her over. we've barely seen each other since she moved in high school. she came to both my grandparents' funerals though so i thought seeing one another without a casket in the room would be a good thing.

it was.

we're eerily similar.  both crafty. both love to bake.  no desire for kids although we both like them. it was like no time had actually passed. if only we'd raided my parent's liquor cabinet...

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time well spent

i spent the bulk of today taking and editing pictures. shawn was kind of making fun of me for it. but check it out...


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3 years

dear grandpa,

i've never really been sure what happens after we die. today though, today i need to believe in heaven. i need to believe you and grandma are together. hopefully she's gotten over wanting to kick your ass.

i miss you both terribly. i was being excessively cranky and i was complaining to shawn that i didn't really know why. he reminded me what today was. so, that's it. you're on my mind. i just wanted you to know.


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