oh, the horror! (part three)

32 horror movies...

feast 2
the grudge 2
night of the living dorks
dead end road

my brain is officially fried. i think i need to watch a romantic comedy now.

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the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

there's been illness, for our families and our friends. there's been death. there's been bad news, bad news and more bad news. there's been big stress. there's been strained relationships. plus the general badness in the world. and then studs terkel died.

kateri wrote this last night:

"seriously? he lived for so long, i almost thought it was permanent.

am hereby reclaiming the remainder of 2008 for the forces of good.
there are two months to go, and we're not going to make it unless i do.
do you have any sage? if you do, burn it. burn it everywhere. in the
yard, in the house, in the car, in the office."

hear, hear i say. take back 2008! start tuesday. VOTE! its a start.

be the change.

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oh, the horror! (the final chapter)

this morning i watched the deaths of ian stone. it had arrived from netflix on friday and i hadn't opened the envelope. i actually think it was one of my favorite horror movies that i watched this month.

i'm done for awhile. i don't think my brain can take anymore blood and guts, murder and dismemberment.

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yard work





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go vote!

obama poster by cdryan

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a new feeling

my first election was clinton's second and although i adored him still, he had already disappointed me. i was no longer the 17 year old who stood in a crowd, on a freezing day, to shake his hand and had stuffed envelopes for his campaign in 1992.

when i watched barack obama give the keynote address at the 2004 democratic national convention in awe. i thought he was going to make a great president someday. and here we are...

someone i believed in won. someone who i actually think can affect change won. someone, a real person, not just a character on the west wing, made me believe in this country again.

yes we did, mr. president. and yes we will.

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tipsi hedren

i was just clearing off my camera and found this one of miss kitty from from halloween. she's probably going to kill me for this...

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look at the pretties

i adore these new earrings i'm making...

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spy pie


i made a weeknight pie last night. i stopped at whole foods on my way home and they had northern spy apples so i couldn't resist.

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etsy love

vinny and vernelle. pretty flowers for your hair...

this bag by retrofied. i adore this fabric.

i love geninne. all her prints make me happy. this one wants me to sing don gato.

piper and paisley's new hats. mmmm, plaidy goodness.

this new cowl by fringe. um, yeah.


this prints by jess gonacha. it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes...
"we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." - oscar wilde

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100 things i love

i've caught this bug so here it goes...

  1. smores
  2. gray sweaters
  3. big noses
  4. knee socks
  5. cast iron frying pans
  6. cicadas
  7. worn out levis
  8. knit skirts
  9. red cream soda
  10. migas
  11. drive-in movies
  12. eyebrows
  13. croissants
  14. chanel no. 5
  15. my down comforter
  16. hollyhocks
  17. snails
  18. christmas lights
  19. bass guitars
  20. 45s
  21. old encyclopedias
  22. barns
  23. saddle shoes
  24. liquid eyeliner
  25. tilt-a-whirls
  26. flea markets
  27. icicles
  28. piazzas
  29. terrariums
  30. margaritas
  31. cloche hats
  32. mysteries
  33. postcards
  34. pigtails
  35. blythe dolls
  36. salt water taffy
  37. aprons
  38. passports
  39. ginger ale
  40. crunchy leaves
  41. tree swings
  42. mysteries
  43. baking pie
  44. swing dancing
  45. swamps
  46. sleds
  47. bookstores
  48. sprinkled donut holes
  49. stinky cheese
  50. dangly earrings
  51. lake michigan
  52. chips and salsa
  53. roller coasters
  54. maryjanes
  55. comic books
  56. photobooths
  57. paint chips
  58. accents
  59. hand knit hats
  60. muppets
  61. orchards
  62. fireworks
  63. sharpies
  64. horror movies
  65. watermelon
  66. periwinkle blue
  67. mud
  68. earthworms
  69. squirrels
  70. diners
  71. clogs
  72. wooden spools
  73. fingerpainting
  74. egg chairs
  75. tattoos
  76. mail carriers
  77. glitter
  78. haunted houses
  79. campfires
  80. swimming pools
  81. corduroy
  82. television
  83. silk yarn
  84. train rides
  85. enamel flowers
  86. dreadlocks
  87. road trips
  88. milk in glass bottles
  89. motorcycle boots
  90. beeswax
  91. rummage sales
  92. sno-balls
  93. black nail polish
  94. stargazer lilies
  95. lightning bugs
  96. banyan trees
  97. tap shoes
  98. monkeys
  99. bowling pins
  100. my husband's laugh
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