oh yeah, that thing...


i think i was in denial. in fact its in 3 weeks, i have tons of work to do, we were hoping for a corner spot again and didn't get one... i see test setups happening in my living room over thanksgiving weekend.

anyway, if you're in chicago, come. its a blast!

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shawn's grandpa is not doing well. its more than likely that he's going to die very soon. that makes me very sad. because he rocks.


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fascinating, right?

first there were the yoyo clusters on my wristwarmers. then the yoyo necklaces. then the earrings. now this:

a yoyo fascinator. that's 15 yoyos there, baby. that's a whole lot of handsewing. i think i see a red silk one in the not so distant future.
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teaching an old bird new tricks

look, they're my original birds, made slightly better. with beaks. (thanks shawn!)

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