isn't she lovely?

nicole of making it lovely and pink loves brown fame featured little old me. well, my necklaces.
Making it Lovely

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itty bitty blooms

i adore this new ring. its huge and sparkly. it and many others like it will be with me at renegade.

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so, i'm freaking. it seems my hands cannot sew yo-yos fast enough. the fascinators are a hit. since nicole's post, i've sold a bunch of necklaces. and renegade is this weekend. i'm kinda screwed, yo. in the best possible way.

i made these new simple necklaces that i adore. i especially love this blus silk one!

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renegade shopping list

one of these lovely necklaces for a gift from sofia masri.

one of these HI-larious tshirts as a gift from seibei.

this bag from the lovely and talented allison...

a pair of earrings from the also lovely and talented betsy.

and maybe a few other things...

come visit us!

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scenes from a craft show


felted bird tocks!

shawn in our wee small booth!


the lovely miss jasmine modeling a fascinator!

thanks to everyone who came, shopped, visited, provided relief - comic and otherwise. it was our best show ever.

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so tired...

we went from shawn's grandpa's funeral to renegade prep to extreme etsy sales. i feel like we haven't had a break. when i go to bed, i'm thinking about everything i did that day and what i'll need to do the second i get out of bed... i'm making yo-yos, packaing orders, taking pics, answering convos... at some point i'll need to a) have a good cry for grandpa sam and b) plan for chanukah and christmas. because oh, that's right, its december 10 and i haven't given that much consideration. at all.

if i disappear for a bit, that's why...

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of all the pretty things i've ever made, this may be my favorite. a fascinator made with silver sakura brocade. so fancy. so shiny.


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etsy love

this scarf is amazing. i'm seriously considering making it mine.

how do you make an already beloved item even better. add monkeys and mushrooms.yup.

these new earrings by miss kateri. i've now seen them in person and oh me, oh my! they are amazing.

these legwarmers. i even have the shoes in the pic. mmmm, warm legs.

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when fabric scraps attack


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the new black


i went to check the pantone spring 2009 color report and discovered that they've declared 2009 the year of mimosa. i'm down with that. its bright. its happy. i think yoyos will look awfully pretty in mimosa.

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happy chanukah


latke hilarity provided by bent objects...

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and so the baking begins, finally...


peanut butter & grape jelly bars
peanut butter & raspberry jam bars
chocolate crinkles
lemon bars
pine nut cookies
white chocolate pistachio bars
pecan bars
raspberry chocolate bars
oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
oreo truffles
rocky road bark
and salted caramels

* there were some mishaps

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