my year in review

in thinking about how to write about my year i was stymied. its been rough. from start to finish. but i don't want to seem ungrateful. i always know things could be worse. i know how very, very blessed i am. i wasn't sure how to sum things up without sounding like a big, whiny baby. then emily's post about this year appeared in my blog reader. i'm stealing her format. i've added a few categories...

Theme of this year: loss. it hasn't been an easy year for anyone i know.

Best Month of the Year: august

Best Day of the Year: april 9

Worst Day/Time of the Year:  april 26

Favorite Person of the Year: shawn. and not just because he bought me an iphone. he was supportive and understanding. he made me laugh and was ok when i needed to cry. he's the best. (lucy and sam are tied for second)

Favorite Moment of the Year: meeting kateri. we became friends at just the right time.

Favorite CD of the Year: vampire weekend

Favorite Movie: the fall

Live Show of the Year: she & him

Best Thing I Bought: i didn't buy a whole lot of non-supply things but these clogs rock my little world.

Favorite Trip: nola in june. so what if it was my only trip.

Book of the Year: the spellman files and curse of the spellmans. loved them.

Project of the Year: the fascinators. the idea was rattling around in my head for awhile. i just couldn't figure out how to make it work. and the prototype took a few tries. i'm thrilled with the end result.

TV of the Year: damages was fantastic. true blood was great. pushing daisies is a joy. but ultimately, obama's election night speech takes the cake.

Dessert of the Year: the bleeding heart pies. they were beautiful and tasty.

My Resolution for 2009: find the good. be like water. and be the change.

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happy anniversary to me!

two years ago tomorrow i started coo-koo-ri-koo. this last year has been amazing. my sales goal for the year was 500. i'm well over 900! when i hit 500 in august i thought i'd be lucky to hit 600 by the end of the year. i couldn't have guessed... but as my sales kept rising, the ideas kept percolating. i love making things and i love that people like what i'm doing. because of that i've gotten a bit more daring. the fascinators are a perfect example. i'd been thinking about it forever but wasn't sure i could actually make them or that they'd be as pretty as they were in my head. at some point i decided i could and they would be, so i did and they are...

as a thank you, everything in the shop is 15% off january 1 - 5...

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nuts on lawndale

"... but Nutkin was excessively impertinent in all his manners..."

i love squirrels.  i think they are whimsical little creatures. they are wily and rude and happy. i've always loved them. they've always made me laugh. squirrel nutkin was always my favorite beatrix potter book. and my grandma & i spent a great deal of time over the last few years of her life watching them out the window.

the squirrels at work are my favorite. they can often be seen with a whole bagel or mini challah climbing a tree. you haven't lived until you've seen a squirrel with a bagel.

so, i have a bit of a squirrel collection*...


and now thanks to my mother, the piece de resistance! an actual squirrel, in all its grotesque yet adorable glory. i thought nothing could top the custom made squirrel curster. ha! little did i know!

*please note, my squirrel collection is complete. it fills the shelf nicely. i don't want this to be like mom's owl collection. or my almost owl collection.

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lazy sunday

winter break is over at work tomorrow. and although i only took a few days off, the pace is slower, the phones quieter. i can actually catch up on some stuff. not as much as i'd actually like but still...

so, today, i've been very chilled out. i had brunch with cheryl. separated laundry. made black bean soup. spent a few hours knitting.

so, i'm spending my last couple of hours of break tonight with a glass of wine, trying to finish this scarf.

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shawn finds a happy place

shawn lost his job on monday. ultimately, its a blessing. the job was squashing the parts of him that i adore. he was coming home cranky everyday. if he even thought about his job on the weekends, it would transform his mood in a not so good way. so, after the initial freak out, we've gotten to an ok place with all of it. a good place even.

he's already working on freelance projects. he's already made lots of contacts and has already had an interview of sorts. and he's happy. working at home, hanging with the dog, structuring his own day... i'm a little jealous if you want to know the truth.

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seven random things

fringe tagged me. so, here it goes...

  1. i love tacos. chicken, beef, crispy, soft... i seriously love tacos. i could happily eat tacos 3 meals a day. breakfast tacos are perfection. mmmm, tacos.
  2. i will stop and watch almost any mystery of any kind on tv. colombo, remington steele, hart to hart, perry mason, veronica mars, murder she wrote... i'm so helpless when there's a crime to solve that i have NEVER even let myself watch csi or criminal minds.
  3. my mom used to call my hair hypercolor in high school because i colored and trimmed it weekly. blue, purple, jet black, bright red.
  4. i was in the marching band in high school. more specifically the color guard. that is all i'm going to say about that.
  5. i've worn chanel no. 5 since i was 15. it was my very first perfume.
  6. i think my most favorite place in the world that i've ever been is the blue grotto. i'm sure even just thinking about it puts a dreamy dumb smile on my face.
  7. i have a weird love of paint chips. they represent limitless possibility to me. and that makes me happy.
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etsy necklace love

i don't wear necklaces very often. but lately i've been marking quite a few as favorites...

april showers
April showers

spider web butterfly
Spider web

sovereign forest

infinite imperfection

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a good day


poster by yeehawindustries

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