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deep in the heart

i guess i've spent so much time longing for new orleans that i'd forgotten about my love of austin. being there was fantastic. i was worried that it would've changed enormously in 7.5 years. not so much. large areas remain almost exactly the same. las manitas may be gone but magnolia remains so breakfast tacos and migas were consumed many times. bookpeople is still as great as i remember it and amy's mexican vanilla ice may have been even more delicious than i remember. and seeing caroline and greg was awesome. it was hot and sunny and the sky is still enormous. its not something i actually think i could explain but there is a vastness that you don't get here, or really anywhere. i hope to see it again soon.

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etsy love

i'm devoting this edition of etsy love entirely to leaves of glass. kateri's new dark gardens collection is pretty spectacular and the pieces i've seen in person are breathtaking. made with vintage glass beads and inspired by "poisonous and medicinal plants, and their appearance in fairytales and fantasy stories" - i kind of want it all.

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friday's random ten

  1. smells like teen spirit - nirvana
  2. tainted love - gloria jones
  3. map - call and response
  4. tangerine - led zeppelin
  5. stockton gala days - 10,000 maniacs
  6. piazza, new york catcher - belle & sebastian
  7. lady pilot - neko case
  8. lover's walk - tokyo ska paradise orchestra
  9. starman - seu jorge
  10. 1901 - phoenix
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rhubarb-y goodness

best pie ever. rhubard custard. mmmm.
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renegade prep - week 1

now that we're back from the trip to austin, i need to buckle down and make make make. my goals for what i want to bring to renegade san francisco are kind of huge not to mention the few new ideas i hope to get done in time... so, this week i've made 80 rings, 14 yo-yo necklace and 4 pairs of earrings... it is a bit like a one woman sweat shop in my living room. especially when shawn appears and yells "keep sewing!"

these earrings may be my favorite from this week...

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happy feet


i am a girl who loves her shoes. i have curtailed my shoe buying habit enormously. i only buy shoes that i'm certain will be comfortable. i only buy shoes that i know i will wear tons. i fell in love with these in austin, kicked myself for not buying them and then thanks to the magic of zappos, they are mine. i've worn them almost every day since they came. i'm half considering buying them in blue.

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renegade prep - week 2

being trapped at home for the entire weekend with no car was helpful. many yoyos were sewn. i've made some necklaces in new color combos but mostly i've been concentrating on making many of old favorites like this one:

Partly sunny
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my first (beer) love

    when we lived in austin, this was my favorite beer. it was from a local brewery and it was the beer that taught me that beer could be better than old style or budweiser. you can smell the citrus when you open a bottle. its wheaty and has the faintest taste of cloves and coriander. its the perfect beer for a hot summer day or paired with a spicy hot meal. i fell in love with this beer.
    soon after we left austin, celis brewery was bought by a large beer manufacturer and shut down. oh, the heartbreak. we couldn't get it in chicago but i looked forward to drinking it on visits.
    when visiting austin a few weeks ago, we stopped at the whip-in for beer for the party caroline and greg were throwing for us. while browsing the cold cases i saw something i thought i'd never see again and let out a squeal. its entirely possible that i just stood pointing.
    there it was... a beautiful 6 pack of celis white. shawn pulled it out of the case and began to examine it. "bottled by michigan brewing co." i'd lost all hope. my dreams of celis white had long since faded. but there it was. and it was soon going to be in my belly.
    had we driven, we would have brought some back but i figured i'd just check with my friendly whole foods beer guy and he'd hook me up.
    um, no. beer guy told me today that he asked all his distributors and no one had heard of it. he looked like he wanted to give me a hug. i may have looked like i needed one.
    i'm not giving up hope though. also, shawn said it wouldn't be so crazy to drive to michigan for beer.
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earrings for everyone!

I was putting earrings on cards for renegade and as they started to pile up i thought they looked awful pretty. i especially love those pink silhouette playing cards i use for earrings and bobby pins. i wish i could get 10 more decks!
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renegade prep - week 3

ok, i'll admit it. i'm freaking out a bit. there is so much to make and do. my to do list is a bit like a hydra - for every item i check off, two more pop up in its place. so i sew. and sew. and sew. and i try to be like water. which is, you know, easy. especially when everything i'm making looks a bit like a swimming pool.
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