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i think i may need to sign off for a few days. renegade is days away. my shop sale has been wildly successful. my house is a mess. there are yoyos to be sewn, dishes to be done, orders to be packed. i just don't know how much time i'll have in the next five days. wish me luck!

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come see us!

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evermore thanks

thanks to everyone who came out for renegade. it was amazing. i met the adorable and oh so talented katie of skunkboy creatures, hung out with shawn, ate cupcakes and saw all my favorite people. oh yeah, we sold some stuff too.


i've restocked the shop and have listed a bunch of new items. chanukah starts soon and christmas is a hop skip and a jump away.

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i discovered a new favorite at renegade - blue barnhouse. hilarious letterpress cards. sometimes dirty, almost all wrong (in that oh so right kinda way.) here's some of my faves:

Blue barnyard
go ahead, i'm letterpressed, drinking alone, first class moron,

biznitch, the mermaid, a coveted recipe

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nerd vs. nerd: part 2


at lunch today my coworker was telling us about her middle school daughter's
project on the sphinx she was working on. she told us that
she offered to take her daughter to the library to get some books and
her daughter looked at her as though she was speaking cantonese. the
library? um, mom, duh, the internet.

we spent the rest of our lunch hour talking excitedly about term papers and bibliographies. about the smell of card catalogs and the joys of research. yes, we were all nerdy girls when we were younger.

since i wrote all of shawn's papers for him and he wouldn't know the dewey decimel system from map coordinates, i do believe this point goes to me.

for those of you keeping track, the score is 3 to 1. shawn's in the lead.

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by request


a lot of people asked for yoyo brooches at renegade. it was something i'd been thinking about for awhile but wasn't sure if it was my overarching need to make yoyo everything or if people would actually like them. so, i made one as a custom order for someone from renegade and i made this one. i think there will definitely be more soon.

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happy holidays

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all i really wanted for...

christmas, chanukah, saturnalia, etc. was a clean studio. and i made it so. so much so that i can't find anything. but dizzy found somewhere to curl up and sleep. that's what really matters.


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the one where we overdo it


many, many kinds of cookies. a leg of lamb, a smoked turkey, baked brie en croute, nigella's cocktail sausages, roasted carrots and parsnips, creamed english peas with mint, salad, homemade cranberry sauce, a cheese plate, mom's twice baked potatoes... can i get my stomach pumped please? and then can i get another cookie?

a closer look at the cookies:


from the left: brown butter cookies (topped with pecans instead of almonds), peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, peanut butter & jelly bars, vanilla bean marshmallows, navettes sucree, salted pistachio brittle, bourbon truffles, meyer lemon - black pepper cookies, brown sugar shortbread and brownies with chocolate caramel goodness.

the navettes sucree (aka sugar shuttles) are everyone's new favorite cookie, including mine. so simple and so perfect. here's the recipe - from a very old gourmet magazine:

Sift 1 cup sifted
all-purpose flour, 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt into a bowl. Add
1/4 cup soft butter, 2 egg yolks, and 1 teaspoon vanilla and knead
until the dough is well blended. Chill it in the refrigerator for 2

Divide the dough into portions the size of a small walnut. Roll
each piece of dough with the palm of the hand on a lightly floured
board to give it the shape of a small sewing-machine shuttle. Dip each
in egg white and roll in granulated sugar. Bake on a lightly buttered
baking sheet in a moderate oven (350° F.) for about 8 minutes, or until
the little cookies are lightly browned.

the recipe only makes about 15. not nearly enough.

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for me?

Kitchen owl(2)

we don't do gift so much these days. don't want to spend the money, don't need the stuff... but there are a few people i do exchange gifts with the gift and this year the gifts were pretty great. a french rolling pin, some dorky stuff off my amazon wishlist, some knee socks... the awesome squeeze handled sifter pictured above with a lovely little baking owl. 

yup, lucky girl.

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thanks for 3 great years!

Jan 1-3 sale
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my year in review

Theme of this year: change.

Best Month of the Year: may

Best Day of the Year: july 16

Worst Day/Time of the Year: fall

Favorite Person of the Year: shawn. always and forever.

Favorite Moments of the Year: meeting people i've admired for a good long while - brenda, mati rose, katie... if i missed you, i'm sorry. it doesn't mean i don't think you're awesome.

Favorite CD of the Year: o - tilly and the wall

Favorite Movie: whip it

Live Show of the Year: neko case at lollapalooza

Best Thing I Bought: this hoodie

Favorite Trip: austin in may

Book of the Year: the magicians by lev grossman

Project of the Year: a cowl made entirely of selvedge

TV of the Year: big bang theory

Dessert of the Year: my vanilla ice cream

My Resolution for 2010: be this courageous.

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