evermore thanks (to my new favorite blog)

Dear uncertainty

leah writes thank you notes every day. because her mom told her to. they're helpful reminders that even the everyday annoyances in our lives serve a purpose.

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small reminders

things have been stressful. things have been completely crazy actually. i'd be lying if i said there haven't been tears. work, getting ready for renegade, thinking about the future...

but then i'm sitting on my porch, taking a moment between work and work and i take a picture. this morning i see the picture on my phone and remember for the millionth time this year that i'm a lucky girl.

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10 days

Day 10

i'm leaving for austin in a week. renegade is in 10 days. this picture was taken on the train today and is exactly how i'm spending all my time - stitching together yoyos, listening to neil gaiman read me stories, and constantly wondering if i'm making enough.

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nine days

Day 9
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eight days

i was browsing the artists for renegade and here's some i'm pretty excited to see:


Viva zapata
viva zapata bags

Decoder ring design
the decoder ring design concern

Squid ink
squid ink kollective


lilian asterfield

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7 days


i took an entirely unnecessary trip to the antique store today and boy, am i glad i did! i hit the enamel sparkly, chippy enamel flower jackpot. i don't know that i'll be listing any of these lovelies in the shop this week. i'm a bit pressed for time you see with renegade in SEVEN days.

and yet, i found time for the trip to the antique store. its craft show madness i tell you!

back to the yoyos. they're not going to make themselves. at least according to shawn.

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dear diane


happy mother's day to the craftiest woman i know!

and thanks in advance for understanding that we're 6 days from renegade and that means chaos at our house!

love you!

(tape strips courtesy of pugly pixel. prettiness courtesy of mom)

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five days


5 sign by austin modern

with 5 days left i thought i'd share some fun and frightening facts...

  • i've made 114 yoyo necklaces
  • that's 783 yoyos people. SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY THREE.
  • that's not counting the 40 barrettes and 10 bracelets and 40 pairs of earrings. yeah.
  • i priced 276 rings tonight. 
  • shawn made hundreds of pixels. (i don't actually know the number but i'm sure its MANY pixels)
  • shawn's leaving in about 26 hours.
  • renegade starts is in 109 hours, 12 minutes.

will i see you there?

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4 days


attention please! what you see above is dinner. and i MADE it. i put down the scissors and thread and silk long enough to cook dinner.

whole wheat penne with red pepper chicken sausage, steamed asparagus and a homemade cream sauce. topped with shredded midnight moon. tasty.

also, it felt good to do something else for a little while. shawn was loading the car while i cooked and loaded the dishwasher. it was awesome.

friends, i think we've achieved rock bottom.

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3 days


via twisty331

i'm leaving tomorrow. i'll be swinging by the drop box on my way to the airport and will be removing even more items from the shop in the morning so if there's anything you're admiring, now's the time.

its also time for me to just sit on my couch and relax.

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2 days

and because i'm a little crazy, i made more barrettes.
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1 day


come say hi y'all!

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