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June 21

in le shoppe this week

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things i love tuesday


this book. thanks jennifer!

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today was it. my last full time day at my JOB. the mix of emotions i've been feeling is beyond words. today though, its all good. people are calling to thank me. one of my favorite people sent flowers, another brought cupcakes. 

despite the last 6 months, today is all about the good. what i've learned, who i've helped, what i've accomplished. i'm going to try to hold onto that as long as i can.

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scenes from a good week


and i think i'll get to see teena & phil today. bonus.

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this week


due to a busy, busy week last week and a great deal of celebrating, there won't be much new in the shop this week. maybe a necklace or two. maybe. we'll see. tune in next week though. i have ideas.
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things i love tuesday (or things i'd like to tell my 15 year old self)

last week, i picked into the wild nerd yonder. in the craziness of my last week of work i wasn't able to finish it. until yesterday.

its about a 15 year old girl, jessie. she sews skirts out of the wackiest novelty and holiday themed fabric she can find at the fabric store. she wants a different one for each day of the school year. she's unapologetically smart. she loves math, her older brother and audiobooks. the book begins during the summer before her sophomore year of high school. her best friends, char & bizza, are changing. everything seems to be changing and when jessie looks in the mirror she wonders why she isn't too. but really she is. she's growing up and realizing her friends suck a little and that possibly she deserves better. and so what if better is the band geeks who welcome her at their lunch table or the d & d nerd she sits next to in study hall.

i LOVED this book. i am not going to lie though. it made me a little sad for my 15 year old self. and then it made me think of andrea's magnificent list. and here we are...


thing things i'd like to tell my 15 year old self:

  1. she may seem fun. and so much cooler than you. and you will be awash with the glow of new friend crush for most of the school year but when it turns you won't know what hit you. and it will take years to recover. i'm not kidding.
  2. but sleepover at her house a few times. you could miss out on that magical kiss with her older brother otherwise.
  3. stay friends with sue though. she was awesome in every possible way.
  4. when your parents tell you that possibly you should wait another summer before getting a job, listen.
  5. go with shawn to lollapalooza. it was a great show and he shouldn't have missed it because of your dumb summer crush.
  6. speaking of that crush, he'll break your heart. but go ahead anyway. it was totally worth it.
  7. don't let shawn do all your math homework. its a bad plan and will cause years of anxiety dreams about having to retake algebra.
  8. on that note, don't do his english homework. reading huck finn never killed anyone.
  9. don't quit marching band. don't. you had fun. and you'll realize later in life that those are your people.
  10. also, don't stop doing tech for drama club. those are your people too.
  11. and just because you decided you didn't want to take honors everything anymore doesn't mean the other honors students aren't still your friends. they are. you'll realize it again in a couple of years but you missed out on some fun. i'm sure of it. and again, see 9 & 10.
  12. don't dye your hair black. purple, pink, green, blue - absolutely! black, NO.
  13. wear more pink. it'll make your mom happy.
  14. check in with your parents when you're going to be late. you worry them otherwise.
  15. your parents are a lot more awesome than you think.
  16. start calling dom dad. it'll make everyone happy.
  17. you're not fooling anyone with that whole "i'm going to the library" routine.
  18. also, possibly, cut school a little bit less. yes, you get good grades but still.
  19. step away from the bad boy. he may smell good, have extra long eyelashes and you know he kisses great but THEY ARE A HARD HABIT TO BREAK.
  20. when you get your learner's permit, just have grandpa take you out. he
    was the toughest of your driving teachers but learning to drive
    stick is important.
  21. pay more attention whenever lucy wants to show you how to do something. seriously.
  22. otherwise don't change a thing about your relationship with wally & lucy. you'll realize soon enough that you won the grandparent lottery.
  23. keep those sassy magazines.
  24. don't loan out that vintage dress. you'll never see it again. it was a dollar, perfect in every way and you'll long for it regularly.
  25. don't let those green chucks out of your sight. mom hates them and they will disappear one day.
  26. don't stop dancing.
  27. don't ever play dumb. boys who don't like smart girls are not the boys for you.
  28. shawn likes smart girls. i'm just sayin'.
  29. and you are most definitely not fat.
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glue, paper, scissors + ink

i spent hours last night listing stuff on ebay. while going through books and magazines in my studio i came across my stack of artitude zines. there was a post-it sticking out of an issue and what did i find on that page?


i'd almost forgotten. its been SO long since i've done any collage work. well, since i picked up a needle and thread and started making yoyos really. my hair stylist has been harassing me to bring her some collages to sell at the salon. i used to do that all that time and honestly, i don't think i ever paid for a haircut during that period. so, i've been thinking about it lately. seeing this and flipping through some artitude zines sealed the deal. as soon as i get the studio straightened up a bit i'll make some new pieces. possibly with some images like this:


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