crush month - day 1


donovan and kathy. they are clever, funny, and all around awesome. check out their shops, 16 sparrows and donovan beesson, the grandma club or the letter writers alliance. these women have superpowers.

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crush month - day 2


xoxo san francisco by capow

san francisco, you are wacky and lovely and everything a girl dreams of. you are old ladies with blue nail polish and sewing machine tattoos. you are well behaved but incredibly curious children. you are golden gate park and amazing burritos from the mission. you are friendly, always. you are flaky pastries bought at midnight in north beach. you are cold, in a really good way, in august. you are women who dress without a care in the world. you are that glorious fog that makes you even more mysterious and appealling. you are also, like so many crushes, entirely unattainable.

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crush month - day 3 (and things i love tuesday)


35 things i love about shawn

  1. his willingness to accept that maybe, just maybe, he was wrong about tomatoes.
  2. his patience, in all matters big and small.
  3. his love of hudson hawk.
  4. his admission that sometimes bikram yoga makes him want to cry and has, in fact, made him cry.
  5. the way he looks when he's riding his bike. you have to see it to understand.
  6. actually, the way he looks when he's concentrating on anything.
  7. the sounds he doesn't realize he makes when listening to music, african music in particular.
  8. his inability to not make noise, all the time
  9. his grill/smoker skills. he has a way with meat.
  10. his ability to love pretty much everyone, all the time, no matter what.
  11. how easily i can make him blush.
  12. his tolerance for my bad movie/tv addiction.
  13. how smart he is. off the charts genius yet not at all like the big bang guys.
  14. how easy he makes it look. and by "it" i mean everything.
  15. how awesome he is with all the kids who freak out over pixel party.
  16. his ginourmous tshirt collection.
  17. his "constant source of disappointment" tshirt in particular. because he's not, not really ever.
  18. how serious he takes his job as my chief taste tester.
  19. the face he makes when he eats something tart.
  20. and then how he tells me it could actually be tarter.
  21. the grey hairs in his beard.
  22. his green hair.
  23. his smell.
  24. his smile. it makes me smile.
  25. his orange hightops.
  26. his love of plaid pants.
  27. his gift at always finding an excuse not to do the yardwork.
  28. how positive he is. even if things seem to be falling to pieces. he is always like water.
  29. how extraordinary he was during the rough period between my giving notice and my last day.
  30. how nervous he gets before a show. still. even though he knows he rocks.
  31. how he carries the tiny monkey i made for him in his pocket for luck.
  32. his imitation of bruce lee in enter the dragon. ask him to do it for you sometime. you won't be sorry.
  33. the way he loved lucy. and lordy did she love him.
  34. how excited he is to be an uncle.
  35. the way he loves me.

happy birthday shampton. i love you.

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crush month - day 4

2010-07-19 16.43.02

in the words of ben folds:

"she smiles and it's a rainbow...
i wanna be kate"

2010-07-18 18.11.07

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crush month - day 5

so. funny. don't be afraid to click. its not what you think.

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crush month - day 6


nom nom.

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crush month - day 7


shannon. the cutest pregnant girl in the world.

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crush month - day 8


via flickr

we saw phoenix ages ago at the double door. they ROCKED. it remains one of my most favorite shows ever. it was before lost in translation and they were on the verge. they have, in the intervening years, become one of my favorite bands. so, i was really excited to see them at lollapalooza. they did not disappoint.

at one point thomas mars said that it was the biggest crowd they'd ever played for. they were totally living the rock star dream last night - thousands of adoring fans all singing along and dancing to their music. they all just looked so happy and like they were having SO MUCH FUN. all kinds of awesome.

extra bonus points for funky squaredance.

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crush month - day 9

its no secret that i a) love horror and b) love to read. so the horror reading bender i've been on shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone. the latest, and best by far is feed by mira grant.

set in the post-zombie outbreak world of the not-too-distant future, feed follows two blogger/reporters, georgia & shaun mason and their tech wizard, buffy, as they follow republican senator peter ryman on the presidential campaign trail. a trail littered with zombies and conspiracies. stuff happens. scary, compelling stuff. so compelling i stayed home from lollapalooza yesterday to read. (i know, NERD. but zombies beat arcade fire any day. what.)

during a breather/zombie security check (donovan, your machete would've helped), i went to the author's website. i love her. really.


here's a few reason's why:

now i want to go to horror movie sleep-away survival camp.

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crush month - day 10


i finished last night and i'm not ashamed to admit that feed made me cry. it also made wish next may was here already so book 2 in the trilogy would be out.

the characters are well drawn and likable - except for those that really are not supposed to be. the story was fast moving and compelling, propelling me through the almost 600 pages in a just a few days.

these are not zombies who rise from the dead for no good reason. there is a virus, a virus that began as the cure for the common cold. things went awry. most metropolitan areas were saved after many casualties but wide swaths of land were lost to the infected. no more road trips, no more alaska. no more beef, pork, ponies or dogs over 40 pounds (sorry monkey.) areas are classified by their hazard level and traveling through those area requires licenses and blood tests. lots and lots of blood tests. all these details seemed entirely plausible. these details and more made this book terrifying.

i know i'm not saying much about the plot. there are 2 reasons for that - i want you to read it yourself. i can't think about the plot too much or i may cry. again.

yeah. it was that good. so good i'm talking about it two days in a row.

may seems a long way off. but my crush induced googling of mira grant on sunday led me to discover that her name is actually seanan mcguire and she has a another series of scifi/fantasy books. more books to add to the pile. yay. 

time to invest in a machete.

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crush month - day 11


this woman. 

so awesome. so so awesome.

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this is a test scheduled post

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