we finally met today. i'm pretty sure the kid and i are going to be good buddies.

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the left side of her brain and the right side of mine

this was a collaboration many, many saturdays in the making. often kateri & i sit next to one another on my couch, working on our respective crafts, watching terrible movies on syfy. our supplies intermingle. they often look lovely together.

also lovely? the discovery that when a yoyo is finished, it can be pulled lengthwise into a shape that resembles a seed pod or a chinese lantern. i set my new pods aside for the next time kateri was coming over. i had an idea! we thought on it some more and then she added the shiny glass bits. and finally, this saturday night, the two first pairs were finished. we think they're pretty. and we hope you do too! they will be making their debut sometime this week at leaves of glass.

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things i love tuesday

i used to be the kind of girl who had her nails done every two weeks. i had long nails and had them painted red or french manicured. every. two. weeks. at some point i realized that it was a) a ridiculously expensive habit; b) silly because i was really hard on my nails; and c) not really me at all.

i spent a long time at my old job trying to fit in with the women who were members of the synagogue. i had my nails done. i had my hair highlighted. i dressed completely differently. i carried a FANCY purse. not really me.

at some point while i was still working there i stopped. i started dressing more like me (while always covering the tattoos) and stopped trying to fit in. i carried funky handbags and went back to dying my hair the red i loved so much but was completely unlike all the women around me. and i stopped having my nails done. by golly, if i was going to do this emotionally exhausting job i was going to be comfortable in my own skin. in truth, that comfort never really happened until i left the job completely. 

i am a girl with tattoos and unnaturally red hair who dresses a little like a four year picked out my clothes. i was always going to stick out like a sore thumb in that community. and that's part of why i'm not there any longer.

HOWEVER, i recently re-discovered i like painting my nails. no red or a fancy french manicure for me. green. blue. and currently shiny, shiny black. 

love.  very me.

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up to

i'm playing catch up from being sick. and still laying kind of low because i still don't feel 100%. been doing some house stuff. planning halloween costumes. making loads of stuff. hanging out with these two.

baking these cookies. um, yum.

and watching loads of horror movies and writing reviews for the other blog. it is october, after all.


what are you up to?

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baking weirdness

our friend jason has convinced shawn that i should bake this. since i'm less convinced, i baked a variation of this, an upside down apple pie. it tasted good but i forgot to put a cookie sheet under the pie in the oven and my house was filled with apple pie scented smoke. also, the pecans all stuck to the pie plate so there was some reassembly involved. i may make it again. because as i said, it was tasty.

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music monday

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things i love tuesday

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going to see the bay-beeeee

we went to shannon's today to hang out and spend some time with her and ethan. the kid's more than a little magical and babies usually don't do it for me. but he's special. he's shannon and phil's. he seems to like me. he's fascinating when sleeping and funny when he farts. yeah, i'm smitten.  i'm not going to be running out to the baby store anytime soon but seriously, i'm smitten.

and shannon's a bit of a rock star mom. seriously. she seems to just be getting what he needs and what needs to be done. its impressive.

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partly sunny thoughts

while cleaning my studio out i found just enough fabric for one more of the partly sunny necklace, my all time bestseller. i set it aside and thought about what to do with it. i get emails and convos ALL THE TIME from people who would love one but i just can't get all the fabrics any longer. i though about options but nothing really seemed fair. so, i didn't really know what to do. when danielle of thompson family life asked me if i'd like to do another giveway, a lightbulb went off!

so, click on over for the details!


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two plumbers walk into a bar...

and off things happen. for real.

some highlights:

  • kateri & i were mario & luigi. we made our mustaches and hats. and we made people smile.
  • my mustache gave shawn hardcore giggles.
  • the mustaches made drinking difficult. we are nothing if not determined and made it work.
  • but it was a crappy bar so the drinks kind of sucked. again, we made it work.
  • shawn & nik played as the white stripes. they kinda rocked.
  • the daytonics played as elvis. again, there was some rocking.
  • there was a sexy cookie monster. i kid you not. and she was overheard saying, "there's no one here to make out with."
  • part of her big stupid head appeared in 95% of my pictures of the elvises.
  • she was also seen dancing with a kind of skeevy guy and then asked her friend, "is he hot?" friend: "no, no he is not."
  • and he wasn't. he got all chatty with us too.
  • the bar smelled. like cheap beer and body odor.
  • there was a woman wearing a pizza box with a purple bra and panties on the pizza box. we couldn't figure out what she was. we asked. sexy pizza. we were disappointed.
  • there was a group of three men in silver lame space suits who were AWESOME. i didn't get a picture of them though. 
  • there was also a girl in a purple tutu with a unicorn mask and lots of sparkles. huh?
  • BUT there were 3 girls and a guy dressed as the heathers and christian slater, complete with dynamite and croquet mallets. GENIUS.
  • at one point we saw toad walk by. we decided we should spend the night going from bar to bar finding all the mario characters.
  • instead we found waldo. there was one at the bar we were at. when we went outside for some non-stinky air another one walked by. i told him there was another waldo in the bar and he shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • i then, after dropping kateri off for the night, saw another waldo walking down the street with a 12 pack of beer.
  • i came home and watched evil dead 2 until i fell asleep.

a good, odd time was had by all. (check out more pictures here.)


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roadside pumpkins

i love halloween. i always have. trick or treating. carving pumpkins. haunted houses and corn mazes. costumes. the weather. all of it. also, its me and shawn's unofficial anniversary - 18 years this year!

since we did our celebrating last night, today's going to be low key. a scary t-shirt and comfy pants. tootsie pops. scary movies and writing reviews for the other blog. handing out candy.

all treat.

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