my porch. its getting there.

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a couple weeks ago, we were at the food carts on belmont, enjoying a nice root beer and waiting for our sandwiches from lardo. shawn got to talking to the root beer guy and he told shawn about zwickelmania, on february 19. he explained that its like beer holiday with free buses. we like beer. this could be a good chance to try a bunch of new beers. ok, we're in.

i am not going to say i didn't have fun, because i did. we went to 3 breweries and tried a LOT of beer. we talked, we laughed, we ate pickles and a cupcake - not together. it was a good day. but i think possibly i didn't need a second spring gose at cascade.

nor did i need to drink a beer at the twilight rummage sale, but at that point my judgement was already impaired. (side note: twilight rummage sale - ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. its monthly. and four blocks from our house. portland, i really really love you.)

today i am suffering with a hangover the likes of which i haven't experienced in YEARS. my typing seems too loud. there is not enough water in the world to rehydrate me. i acutely understand a vampire's aversion to the sun.

i could say that me and beer are through but it wouldn't be true. i really do like beer. but, yesterday, that was too much beer. 

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music monday

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things i love tuesday

my love for donovan beeson is well known. i've discussed her cute and clever ways here before. but her new project, the INtangible blog, is pure donovan gold. here's the first post:

awesome, right? so, donovan has been posting to her new blog with an enviable regularity - which tells me she's having fun with it. she's shared her salted caramel recipe. she's written about a numbering stamp, salt, typewriters and one of my favorite bookstores in the world, myopic.

i can't wait to see what's next!

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my lame day - a list

  1. bum breakfast burritos. 
  2. neverending laundry and dishes.
  3. no mail. no really, no mail. what's up with that?
  4. a rudolph the reindeereque pimple on my nose.
  5. projects waiting not so patiently for me to feel motivated.
  6. weird weather.
  7. multiple miscommunications.
  8. miscommunications that led to bickering.
  9. still packed boxes.
  10. girl stuff.
  11. a smelly dog.
  12. unbelievably stupid user error causing the loss of a huge amount of work.
  13. missing my nephew. and his parents. and my parents. and friends in chicago. (but not chicago. not even a little.)

that was kind of satisfying. it was just one of those days. nothing went tragically wrong but nothing was really going right either. so tonight i'm going to try to accomplish at least one thing on my to do list. and write some letters. that usually works. and if it doesn't i'll just sit and stare at this picture of my nephew. 


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in memorium

this week i said goodbye to a good old friend. while wandering the japanese garden on monday, my beloved camera would not focus. then a new and alarming error message appeared on her screen. after 6 years of faithful service, i feared the worst. my camera, my lumix, had never let me down. so, we came home and googled. apparently, the camera had a fatal design flaw. many people wrote of having this camera for a year, or even just a week, when this flaw caused the camera to fail. i'd had 6 years. shawn found an instructable on how to fix it. and so he valiantly tried, taking apart the camera, piece by piece. in the end though, it wasn't enough. 

it wasn't the fanciest camera. it wasn't the greatest camera ever made. it had a really great lens and took really great pictures almost all of the time. i carried it with me almost everywhere and it took thousands upon thousands of photos. of things i'd made, flowers, places and people i loved. i'll miss it but i've got a lot of photographs to remember it by. see some of my favorites here.

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