day 18

today was kind of rough. we were in the car forever and got a little snippy with one another. which, we've gone EIGHTEEN DAYS without doing so, i guess you could say we were due. shawn was sick of driving, wasn't excited about salt lake city, and wanted to stay at arches national park. i too was not terribly excited about salt lake city but NEEDED to for our car to get closer to home. also, my camera battery died which made me extra pouty. oh, and i was pms-ing. so, it was a perfect storm. we could have had a fight to rival the eiffel tower battle of 2003. but we didn't. we just got a little cranky, turned on ben folds and moved on. by the time we checked into our hotel and had dinner, we were totally fine. 

and we'll need to go back to arches. it was incredible.

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