happy new year!

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music monday

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things i love tuesday

television, oh television. how i love you so! since i'm still working on the project i've been watching A LOT of television. i've watched all of the episodes of gossip girl that are available on netflix. i've watched some felicitiy, some british mysteries. i even watched the pilot episode of melrose place. oh good gravy, i love tv. 

my usual shows that i love to marathon include buffy, angel, wonderfalls, pushing daisies, veronica mars, gilmore girls, firefly... but lately i've been wanting to watch something "new" - at least to me. that was why i gave felicity a shot. it didn't do it for me. there are a few shows that shawn wants to watch too (breaking bad, the sopranos) and he's too busy to be hanging out, watching tv with me every day - even if being my cheerleader while i'm embroidering is a VERY IMPORTANTJOB. those will have to wait. 

i love british mysteries. i love mysteries like hart to hart and columbo. i love supernatural and horror-y sci-fi-y shows. i love family dramas when well written OR exceedingly trashy. medical shows tend to stress me out. i love small towny shows. i loved twin peaks. west wing remains one of my favorites. the wire was devastatingly good. i could go on but you get the idea - i LOVE TEEVEE. 

so, my question is this, what should i watch? what's the next teevee show that i'm going to love?

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wordless wednesday

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progress report

so, the project continues. its making everyone happy so, why not? i love making these and i love that at least a few people are making their own. (please post pictures and let me know if you do!) anyway, i've gotten a bunch more questions so i figured a progress report was in order.

the original list of a dozen? yeah, that's now a list of over 40 people. i've set a limit for myself of 50. i'm not going to try to get there but if i do, i'm done. it still seems like a reasonable number and i'm over halfway there. 

i'm being VERY careful to not overtax my hands. i'm doing them in small batches of four. cutting the fabric, transferring the pattern, doing the actual stitching and then finishing. my phalanges, while tired, aren't doing any one thing for too terribly long at a time. i'm taking breaks. i'm making sure that this project that i'm loving so much doesn't start to feel exhausting. 

so, yay all around! i'll probably post another update next week. stay tuned!

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flashback friday

a few nights ago i had a dream that i lost shawn in a cathedral. instead of waking up stressed out, i woke up smiling. it reminded me of the time i actually lost him in a cathedral. THE cathedral actually - at the vatican. unlike the scooter incident, it wasn't at all scary. it was sort of comical.

shawn has to stop and read every word on every sign everywhere. so, while i walk slower than he does, i am often miles ahead of him when there's learning to do. i read the bits i find interesting and move along. and that's how we lost each other at st. peter's. i got too far ahead of him and there are these GIANT columns everywhere that block the field of vision in almost every direction. because its a church, you can't just walk around shouting "marco!" "polo!" its possible people, you know, praying might find that disrespectful. the find your friends app? not an option.  it was 2003. iphones didn't exist yet and it was too expensive to get ONE cell phone to use in europe, let alone two. so, i found a central location and stayed put. i people watched and guessed who were just tourists like us and who were true believers. i could've done that for hours, happily, and i figured he'd have to wander by at some point. this picture is from when he found me.  he swears there were angels singing and harps playing when he saw me. i kind of doubt that. the angels at st. peter's have better things to do. we are jewish, after all. 

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music monday

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things i love tuesday (totally random edition)

my new tattoo. it a portrait of lucy, my grandmother. the photo was taken on her wedding day. i think matthew (at the little tattoo shop) did an amazing job! i am convinced she'd approve. 

the project. still stitching away. happily. the numbers currently? 32 out of 49. i can only add ONE MORE PERSON to the list. i'm wiling to be that means i'm stuck at 49. we'll see.

this tin that emily gave me to add to my collection. i think the fact that i wimpered when i saw it may have helped it become mine. emiy's nice like that. also, no one wants to see a grown ass woman cry over vintage english candy and cracker tins.

this drawing an old friend did of me. i came across it the other day. the friend had mad drawing skills and did multiple drawings like this of me. i have a number of them. i think this may be my favorite though. 

there are a number of things that make me happy about this. its one of my favorite songs. its modelled after another youtube favorite. the kids are adorable. i think the uber-serious kid in the front row with the ER is my favorite. AND, the teacher must rock.

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wordless wednesday

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sticks and stones

i am more by the i am more project

so, all week i've had a constellation of pimples on my forehead. this wouldn't thrill me under the best of circumstances but since i'm growing my bangs out, i'm especially unhappy. a constellation of pimples. on my forehead. so yeah, that's a blast. 

but its not just the pimples. its my skin. since i was 11 my skin has been a problem for me. i bounced from dermatologist to dermatologist, trying medication after medication. some that made it worse and some that made me sick. i spent a year in high school with stomach aches because the medication i was on was working so well i couldn't see not taking it. i tried herbal remedies and expensive skin creams. it came and went in waves. 

until i was 19 and developed rosacea. another parade of doctors and treatments.

its hard to say which was harder on me - the kids who made fun of me in school for having acne or the adults that would stop me on the street to ask me "what was wrong with my face?"

my skin has actually been much better since i left my day job a year and a half ago. (stress is major trigger for rosacea.) breakouts here and there. this one is by far the worst.

the battering my self esteem took has taken years to partially mend. and so, weeks like this week, it all comes back.

and then today i read this post by margaret cho. it literally took my breath away. even re-reading it before i wrote this post brought me to tears.



we need to see the whole person. 

we need to not judge people based on their appearance. 

we need to not comment negatively on a person's appearance, even our own.  

we need to remember that we are awesome, no matter what we look like.

 i believe this to be true of all people but especially when it comes to girls. what we say MATTERS. girls remember. it will echo in their heads into adulthood. and everyone deserves to love themselves 100% so they can be 100% who they were born to be.

me? i'm getting there. i am so much freaking more than this constellation of pimples. let me tell you though, there are eight pimples in my constellation. if it doesn't go away soon i'm naming it.

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and now for something completely different

i love (almost) all wes anderson's movies. (darjeeling limited, i'm looking at you.) so, this trailer delights me. i could tell you how many times i've watched it but you might worry about me a little.

let's play "what's in my bag?" i've seen pictures like this forever. wasn't there even a kate spade book? i've wanted to do one myself but never got around to it. but since i'm doing the #janphotoaday challenge on instagram, it finally happened.

so, from the top left: my day planner, a small pouch containing black phoenix alchemy lab imps, my headphones, my wallet, the grass cutting sword by catherynne  valente, a made by hank pouch filled with pencils and pens (mostly papermate flair pens, my favorite), my keys, a hair thingamy i bought here, the happiness project by gretchen rubin, a notebook given to me by donovan, filled with my world domination plans, tarte matte lip stain and burt's bees pomegranate lip balm. well, that was fun.

i also need to thank everyone. yesterday's blog post was about as much fun to write as an ingrown toenail. sometimes i just need to get this stuff off my chest and its good to know that i can do that here. the support i received here and on twitter was incredible. and although it wasn't some elaborate rouse to garner compliments, they are heartily appreciated. i know i'm awesome. some days its just harder to remember that than others. so, thanks. many many thanks. 

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saturday stats

so, i've kept journals of one sort of another for my entire life for many different reasons - writing about my grandparents illness and eventual deaths, writing down what i ate, drank and did everyday when trying to figure out the cause of my rosacea...

i decided i need to keep one this year for a number of reasons. last year we changed our diets pretty dramatically and i'd like to keep that up. having a record of what we're eating and how i'm feeling will help keep me on track. also, i've started doing yoga to help with the back pain that comes along with sewing for hours a day. i need to do it at least four times a week. i'm writing it down to make sure i do it. if i go on a bike ride, i write it down too. i'm also trying to keep track of my work hours. i often feel like i'm working 16 hour days, 7 days a week. so, keeping track. i've been doing this since the beginning of the year and i noticed i'm keeping track of a whole lot more. my notes are sort of ridiculous. because i'm a giver, i've decided to share some of this info with you.

for the week of january 8-14:

yoga: 4 times 

bike rides: 1 

number of smoothies: 0 (too cold)

meals involving pizza: 3 (um. oops.)

meals involving piles of vegetables: 7

i cooked: 5 times

i baked: twice

favorite recipe: chocolate chocolate banana muffins

i forgot what day of the week it was: once

letters written: 2

packages sent:17

pieces finished for the embroidery project: 9

yoyos yo-ed: 32

shrinky dinks sealed: over 200

episodes of better off ted watched: 20

best thing i watched as evidenced by a heart drawn around it: downton abbey

books checked out of the library: 2

books read: 1, the grass cutting sword by catherynne valente

days i wore knee socks: 6 

living room dance parties: 1

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