saturday stats

for the week of june 22 - 28:

exercise - of any kind: 4 times
number of smoothies: 4
number of glasses of green juice: 4
meals involving pizza: 0
meals involving piles of vegetables: 6
pints of snap peas eaten: 1
i cooked: 4 times
i baked: strawberry pie 
letters written: 0
packages sent: 13
things made: 23
photos taken and edited: 238
best thing i watched: the series finale of the west wing (yeah, i watched the whole series in a month!)
books read: a discovery of witches by deborah e. harkness
days i wore no socks: 7
living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 1  

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music monday

this was the song for our first dance at our wedding, 12 years ago. happy anniversary, shawn!

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photo booth love

last night we visited the photobooth at the ace to commemorate our anniversary. here's a few of my favorites:

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a horrible way to die

a horrible way to die (2010)

i'd read about this movie a lot. there was a ton of buzz about it on all the horror movie blogs i read. clever, well acted, blah blah blah. then i sort of forgot about it until this week when it showed up in netflix watch instant.

i'll admit that despite having read a lot i knew very little going into this movie. i knew it was about a serial killer and his ex-girlfriend. i knew there was a twist. imdb offered up no warnings about the sort of triggers i avoid. actually, there wasn't much info on imdb at all. warily, i hit play.

the movie jumps around a bit, telling multiple stories. in the present, we meet sarah. she is struggling with life, four months sober and beginning to date kevin, who she met at AA. in flashbacks we learn she was living with garrick. garrick seems to be hiding something. in the present we learn garrick is in prison for serial killings, escapes and seems to have nothing but sarah on his mind and he goes on a road trip / killing spree.

it isn't that simple though. I don't want to give the twist away but I will say I saw it coming. I also found myself watching and listening to the characters speak at the climax of the film and feeling surprised by what i was hearing and how i was reacting to it. the director, adam wingard, clearly has a view point and things to say. i know all directors do but his seems different somehow than most of the horror i've seen in the last few years. 

when it ended i thought, "huh. that was interesting." clever, well acted, blah blah blah. i thought that was it. but i found myself thinking and talking about it hours later and today i'm writing about it. it got under my skin, that's for sure.

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time heals all (blah blah blah)

someone from the synagogue forwarded me an email today that they had received from JM. he's living in israel now and has launched a new business. its so fascinating to me. before he was a rabbi, he was a high school english teacher. that seemed so funny to me because he was such a rabbi. he often joked about the novels he would one day write or his plan to take up gardening one day, once he was a retired rabbi. instead, he's building houses in israel. 

we don't talk. we haven't talked in eons. we were texting one another every once in awhile and trading voice mails from time to time but i don't think we've really talked since the day i gave my notice in february 2010. things went crazy after that and we just never talked again. he and the board were at war and i was in the middle. he kept me at arms length, and only spoke to me when absolutely necessary.  he was my boss and my friend and he just stopped speaking to me. it was three months of awful.

during that time, everyone else was talking to me, questioning me, whispering in my ear. people said some terrible things. but also some things that were just painful for me to hear, even if that wasn't their intention - "how can you not know what's going on? you used to be his right hand!" yeah, thanks for the reminder.

i shut down almost completely during that period. i wasn't sleeping, i wasn't taking care of myself or any of the things i was responsible for outside of the temple. we had our gas turned off at home because i'd just forgotten to pay it. i was a mess. 

then, in may of 2010, we ran into him at the cemetary  i hadn't seen him since he'd been, well, since he'd left the temple. i had called him once or twice to say "shabbat shalom." after years of saying shabbat shalom to him as i left on friday afternoons, it felt odd not to. i like to think he appreciated those calls. anyway, we were at the cemetery for shawn's grandfather's headstone unveiling. we stopped at the office to find out where to go and there he was, coming out of the office. he was there for another headstone unveiling. it was awkward at first but nice, exactly like running into an old friend. he joked with shawn a bit. he told me some day, maybe in a couple of years, we'd really talk about everything that happened but for now all he could say was that he missed me and loved me. he hugged us and walked away. i remember looking at shawn and he had the same confused look on his face that i'm sure i did. what the hell had just happened?

here i am, over two years later and i still have no idea what really happened and i just learned about his new life from a forwarded email. 

i am actually shocked at how ok i am with that. 

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friday five

on my summer reading list:

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saturday stats

for the week of june 29 - july 7:

exercise - of any kind: 4 times
number of smoothies: 3
number of glasses of green juice: 4
meals involving pizza: 1
meals involving piles of vegetables: 5
pints of snap peas eaten: 1
i cooked: 3 times
i baked: many many mini berry pies
letters written: 3
packages sent: 12
things made: 17
best thing i watched: i barely watched tv all week. its summer, y'all.
books read: still reading a discovery of witches by deborah e. harkness, about to start yoga bitch
days i wore no socks: 7
living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 2  

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saturday in the park

this is andrew, mara, maddie and ruby. yesterday, i got to hang with mara & ruby while their parents, bettie and matt shot a wedding. a few hours into the day, andrew and maddie's mom, emily, called and said she needed to get her kids outside and quick. it was serendipitous since i was already at the park with ruby & mara. so, they came and met us. we had a picnic and soaked in the sunshine. there was a great deal of time spent on the merry go round, tire swing and the super tall curly slide that looked just like the one i used to play on when i was their age. i'd be lying if i told you that all this fun didn't leave me with some sore muscles today. it was worth it.

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music monday (nsfw)

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summers are for porch sitting

growing up, i spent a lot of night sitting in our screened in porch with my mom. she worked nights so most nights so most of the year she went to bed before dark. i'm not sure why but all bets were off during the summer. there was a park nearby that had free concerts during the summer and we could hear them from our house. we would sit, usually in our pajamas, reading and listening to the music or the cicadas. i learned two valuable lessons those nights: #1 - just sitting and reading with someone is a totally enjoyable way to spend time with someone; #2 - there is nothing better than a comfortable porch.

last year, we travelled so much during the summer that i didn't give our porch much thought. this spring i decided that i was going to enjoy the crap out of our front porch this summer. that was going to require a bit of work on my part.

mom actually bought us the glider last year when we moved. we painted the porch ceiling sky blue about the same time. i knew someday this porch and i were going to spend some quality time together. we had the little table. i picked up the weird little mushroom at an antique store for $8 recently. i stole the frog from my parents. my mom made the blanket. the namaste y'all pillow came from my very talented friend, kerry. the rug was on clearance at urban outfitters. i love how easily everything came together. 

there's still a couple of things i want to make for the porch - a floor pouf to use as an extra seat and a coffee table/stool made from a vintage suitcase. they both seem like a breeze in comparison to the doily screen. 

it was a project i've had bouncing around my head for ages. i've been hoarding collecting doilies forever so this seemed like a perfect plan. i measured the space and then started to lay out doilies, pinning and stitching as i went. then, when it felt like it was almost the right size, shawn helped me hang and stretch it. i added a few more doilies to fill in some spots and i need to add a few more but overall, i think it looks great. 

we've spent the last few nights hanging out on the porch - sewing, reading, enjoying cocktails and listening to records. shawn launched a website from the porch last night. i'm pretty sure that's where you'll find me tonight. pretty much perfect.


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wednesday words

"excuse me while i kiss the sky."

- jimi hendrix

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color friends

honey molecule barrette // necklace

dot dot dot barrette // dotty bracelet


left: taliesin necklace // barrette

right: cotton candy barrette // necklace

clown fish necklace // mini fascinator

painting eggs barrette // bracelet

fresh colorfriends! its been awhile and i'm particularly fond of this bunch.

don't know what color friends are? read more here. visit kateri's shop here and mine here.

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