chicago things (a list)

  1. my nephew. holy hell, he's almost two years old but hot damn. i'm pretty sure he's smarter than all of us put together. 
  2. longman and eagle. i spent a delightful afternoon there drinking old fashioned, eating delicious food, reading and chatting with the bartenders about my book and tattoos and whether or not portland is really like portlandia. (i never anticipated how often i'd be asked this.)
  3. seeing my friend cheryl. we don't get to talk nearly enough and it was nice to catch up in person.
  4. visiting my favorite antique store, the one i've been going to since i was 15.
  5. our friends syndy and colleen. i was all ready to do a friday friends post last week about them but slept all day when i arrived home. you'd have heard all the reasons why they are two of my favorite people in the world, one of my very favorite branches in my chosen family tree.
  6. my parents. despite the fact that they did not see me at my best both times they saw me, i'm pretty sure they still love me. 
  7. getting to spend many days with kateri, although not nearly enough. it was nice that one of the days was saturday, just like old times.

i'm sorry to everyone i didn't get to see. next time, i promise.

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wednesday words

i read four books on my trip to chicago. four. i don't remember the last time i read four books in a week. no, no. that's not true. i do. it was fall, 2003 - on our trip to italy. that was the last time i let myself relax enough to read four books in one week. this is the clip i read at through high school and college and occasionally when i've allowed myself the indulgence as a grown up. 

the cover of this book cracked me up. also, i'm cynical skeptic who has to stop herself from rolling her eyes at yoga talk from my yoga loving husband or you know, in YOGA CLASS (because even i understand the health benefits of yoga.) so, i found the whole thing appealing.

i started reading this before i left for chicago but it became clear quickly that this would probably be most fun if i read parts out loud to kateri. i did and it was. it also prompted some hilarious conversations between shawn and i. 

three words: urine therapy. ew.

this was a beautifully told story about love and loss, betrayal, mistakes, more mistakes, wilderness, friendship and forgiveness and a hiking boot. i'd be lying if i said i didn't cry the last 50 or so pages. 

i also read vincent price: a daughter's biography by victoria price. i've always loved vincent price, since my horror movie education started early. in my mind though, he was sort of cheesy. awesomely so but still. i recently watched theater of blood and realized that cleary i did not have the full story on vincent price. so, i asked my mom1 about the movie and him and she said enough2 that i knew i wanted to read more. i'm so glad i did. it was all really interesting and i have a new respect for the man.

i only brought three books so when syndy told me to check out uncharted books in logan square, i did not argue. its a nice shop in a sweet location with a great shop dog named ramona. anyway, i bought this:


i loved it. its like defending your life with laurie notaro and my grandma. not everyone would understand why that would be awesome but trust me and read the book. you'll laugh out loud and where's the bad in that?

1 my mom isn't like the other moms.

2 she saw it at the drive thru with my father, before i was born. he apparently puked out the car window. 

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you're standing on my neck

oh daria, i love you so.

there's been three hours of daria on MTV every morning this week. so, yeah. 40 episode is one week happened.

also, i may have suggested daria and jane as a future halloween costume to kateri. i think we'd rock. shawn could even be trent. 


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this guy

its shawn's birthday. here's a few reason why he's awesome this week:

  • he's making pixellated ice cream cones for pixel party. just because i told him he should.
  • he's in not one but TWO bands now - love bomb go go and the harvey girls. he's pretty much always on his way to band practice. he keeps asking what he's gotten himself into but we both know he's loving it.
  • he helped launch oregon beer country this week. 
  • he made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt last night.
  • he's 37 now. i hear all the cool kids are doing it. turning 37. 
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saturday stats

for the week of july 29 - august 4:

exercise - of any kind: 4 times
number of smoothies: 2
number of glasses of green juice: 1
meals involving pizza: 0
meals involving piles of vegetables: pretty much all of them
i cooked: 3 times
i baked: chocolate cupcakes filled with strawberry balsamic jam and topped with chocolate ganache
letters written: 1
packages sent: 14
things made for cookoorikoo: 2
things made just for fun: 1
best thing i watched: dark knight rises (again)
books read: the sixes and the blind contessa's new machine
days i wore no socks: 7
living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 0

it was a hot week. not a lot got done and we spent a great deal of time away from the house, chasing air conditioning. i'm glad there aren't many 90+ days in the extended forecast. i gotta get some work done!

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music monday

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girl can't help it

day 55 via 365 lucky days

if you put a book in my hands, i will read it. if you passionately recommend a book to me, i will read it. if there is a book about golf in the house and i've read all the other books, i'll read it - even though i have no interest in golf whatsoever. if i read a review of a book at the salon but don't really retain any information about it and then see it at the library and remember something vague about it*, i'll read it.  i can't help it. i've almost always been this way.

when i was younger, i carried a book wherever i went and read any chance i got. i would finish my weekly pile of library books and then move onto my mom's pile - which often included horror and true crime. i remember reading the biography of nancy spungeon written by her mother, and i don't want to live this life, before i really knew who the sex pistols were. let's just say  my eight year old brain was blown. i read stephen king's thinner when i was 10 and couldn't sleep for what seemed like months.  my mom laughs about this now when i question her about why she let me read EVERYTHING. my grandpa seriously montiored and censored what she read. it was incredibly frustrating for her so she just never checked out what i was checking out. she only cared that i was reading.

i continued reading ALL THE THINGS until some time in college when i became pretentious and snobby and only read serious literature. this period is also know as the borders years.  i shunned mysteries, turned my back on horror. sci fi? pffffffft. oh good gravy, even thinking about it causes me to cringe painfully. 

something happened almost immediately after i quit borders. i stopped caring. i just wanted to read. i asked my mom what good mysteries she'd read lately and i went to the evanston library and left with armfuls of books. that harry potter book that the kids seemed so crazy about that i wrote off as crap? i went and bought myself a copy. i was working at an office for the first time in my life and my boss didn't mind if i read during downtime. also, my schedule was odd and totally opposite shawn's which meant large chunks of time to read. the biggest bonus? my office was walking distance to borders, barnes and noble, the library and bookman's alley - one of my favorite bookstores in the universe. oh yes, it was awesome.

the years at the synagogue are a bit of a blur. i probably averaged a book a month. i just didn't make time for reading or maybe i couldn't make room in my brain. bottom line? i didn't read as much as i would've liked but when i did read, i read whatever the hell i felt like. i also decided that if a book wasn't cutting it, i could put it down. <GASP> life was too short to read books that weren't doing it for me.

here we are, two years after i left the synagogue. i think i've drained all that extra information from my brain about temple members and how to, you know, do my nearly impossible job. i think there's room for book after book again. now, i just need to retrain myself to put a book down when i'm not 100% into it.

*this actually happened

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*this actually happened

we've established i'll read anything you put in front of me. Sometimes that works out, other times not so much. I'd read something about the sixes in maybe marie claire or elle a few months ago while at the hair salon. the cover stuck with me and i remember something vague about it - was it about witches maybe? so, when i saw it on the new shelf at the library, I couldn't resist. sometimes i should resist. it was a solid story wrapped in meh. totally predictable. more than once i said "are you kidding me?" out loud. I finished it because a) I find it hard to just stop reading anything with a good story at its core and b) I am defenseless against secret society stories. true story.

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at the synagogue, one of my most complicated relationships was with the building superintendant. upon reflection, it was also one of my most enjoyable. when i read the borrower, it got me thinking about him. the main character's parents were from russia. there were a few other russian characters. they all reminded me of him. an odd turn of phrase here, some stubborness there... 

he worked at the synagogue long before i arrived. he had habits that were so deeply entrenched that i was foolish to even attempt to change his behavior. he told me that my predecessor and him never ever butted heads, that she was a wonderful human being. multiple people told me that he and mrs. g had more than their share of fights. in spite of that,  i'm pretty sure he loathed me 75% of the time. that other 25%, he was extraordinarily kind and generous. he brought me small sweet gifts when he went on vacation. he always told me when he felt like someone was trying to do me dirt or when they were just simply to be avoided. "troublemaker," he'd whisper. he was spot on in every single case. he and i also shared a love for JM - which meant he was one of the only people in the building toward the end who understood fully just how much everything sucked. 

he had a crazy way of fixing things. it more often then not involved duct tape. i will never not think about eugene when i see this scene:

what i really loved about eugene though was the completely wacky things he'd say every now and then. my two favorite eugene-isms and the ones i heard most often were "until i forgot" (before i forget), and "i kill you twice" (i'm really pissed at you).

he had a mad love for his cat, oliver. oliver looked just like dizzy. when i showed eugene a picture of dizzy i bought myself a month of no loathing. he loved cats, he explained, "they are mysterious. they are like woman..." i almost died from giggles. it was all so adorably weird.

but really, the conversation with him that i will never ever, not in a million years forget is this one:

E: cookoo!

me: what?

E: cookoo!

me: are you calling me crazy? what did i do now?

E: (smiling and laughing) no, no. its a greeting. in russia.

me: cookoo?

E: yes! you know, like boy chicken. they say coo-koo-ri-koo.

me: a boy chicken? you mean a rooster? you mean cock-a-doodle-doo? 

E: YES! coo-koo-ri-koo. you say hello to a good morning.

i wrote cookoorikoo on a scrap of paper and put it in my wallet. i would pull it out and giggle every once in awhile. then, one day, i needed a name for my business. i pulled that note out of my wallet and stared at it for a bit. it was the perfectly whimsical word. it was just what i needed.

that scrap of paper is still on my bulletin board. thanks, eugene.

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crush what? (a list)

oh right. crush month. and here it is august 10 and i haven't done a single post, let alone ten. somehow it completely escaped my attention. i put a reminder on my calendar for next year and have come up with a plan for this year. let us begin with a list. people/things/websites/places i've got a crush on right now:

1. melissa sue continues to amaze me.

2 & 3. tomatoes and dahlias. they show up late to the summer party looking all sexy. i just can't really get enough of either.


4. the modish blog evolution. i go way back with modish blog, a few nice mentions and participating in her giveaways helped get cookoorikoo off the ground. i was eager to see what would happen when jena retooled the blog and i just love where its ended up. 

5. emily on xo jane. this post is one of the many reasons.

6. adulting blog. i don't know how i found it but i seriously love it. yeah, i'm 37. you'd think i'd have this adult thing figured out. but no. its not easy. even my own mom, who i swear has been a grown up since she was 9, admits to the occasional adulthood fail. so yeah, this blog rocks. simple advice. gentle reminders. at least one cringe worthy moments. 

7. dancer a day. excellent drawings of pop culture characters and icons shaking their ass that never fail to make me smile.

8. underground new york public library. pictures of people reading on the subway. like a street style blog with book recommendations. i like it. 

9. can i go here?

10. these two:

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saturday stats

for the week of august 5 - 11:

exercise - of any kind: 4 times
number of smoothies: 2
number of glasses of green juice: 2
meals involving pizza: 0
meals involving piles of vegetables: pretty much all of them
i cooked: 5 times
i baked: french tomato tart
letters written: 2
packages sent: 13
things made for cookoorikoo: 11
things made just for fun: 1
best thing i watched: season 5 of buffy. yep. the whole thing. 
books read: kill you twice by chelsea cain and i'm halfway through embassytown by china mieville
days i wore no socks: 7
living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 1

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color friends

habanero necklace // earrings

salted rim necklace // barrette

yeti barrette // necklace

mystique earrings // necklace

hooray for colorfriends! kateri has been making such pretty things that i didn't need to look any further than her shop for color inspiration for my shop update this week. 

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