music monday

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tv update

i've watched a ton of tv. some of it isn't even memorable enough to make this list. here we go:

once upon a time. its still totally silly and i still totally like it. although, i realized while watching the clip show that i only half watch this show because i didn't realize it was a clip show until it was almost over.  

999 park avenue. i know what you're thinking. "isn't it 666 park avenue?" well, it is. but the building address is actually 999 and when the light shines on the numbers in a particular way, they cast a shadow that reads 666. sneaky. john locke owns the building and spends a lot of time talking about good and evil. that's all he can do now apparently. also, he seems to be the devil. mephistopheles making deals with attractive, greedy new yorkers. he just hired a young, attractive, non-native, but still possibly greedy, couple to be the live-in building managers. oh and he's married to vanessa williams. do we buy that? do we buy that vanessa williams and john locke as a couple? i'm not sure i do. whatever. i kind of liked it. it lives to see another week on the tivo.

how i met yo momma is still so lame. they are still doing that ridiculous bait and switch thing. oh oh, is this her? oh oh, are robin and barney getting married? oh oh, ted's being a twat. UGH. is it over yet? seriously, when do we get to find out who the hell the mother is? the real question is how much more of this shit can i endure?

why is mike and molly so popular? oh right, melissa mccarthy's awesome. ugh.

partners. why on earth is david krumholtz in this? its about two guys who have been best friends since elementary school and dreamed of working together, david krumholtz and his gay bff. anyway, mr. universe is engaged and his friend is a self absorbed pain in the ass. i think they were going for jack from will & grace with this character. jack was lovable. this guy is not. anyway, i've watched this one twice. the second episode was a wee bit better than the first but holy crap, its still not very good.

i'm not happy about bones and i don't want to talk about it. you can't make me.  

revolution. i'm out. i really dislike this show. i watched because its jj abrams and i want that first season of lost feeling back SO BAD but this, my friends, this is no lost. 

the mindy project. i love that my imaginary bff has her own show and i was really excited to watch. then, i didn't love the pilot. i laughed. it was funny. but, i didn't love it. you should have heard the imaginary conversations i was having with my imaginary bff over it. awkward. anyway, i LOVED last night's episode. so funny. YAY, IMAGINARY BFF! 

raising hope. still so very, very funny. also, cloris leachman made a rape joke. when is a rape joke funny? when an old lady tells it, apparently.

go on. i wasn't a friends watcher but i like matthew perry. i don't think he's the best actor but i think he's good at this one thing - playing a sort-of broken man. he's doing it here again as a young widower with a fancy pants job who is trying to move on with his life. john cho plays his assistant? right hand man? something. anyway, john cho is in it - who i think it effing hot. so there's that. which is good because this show keeps making me cry. the first time felt like an ambush. now i know to expect it. dammit.

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the current lineup

currently on my night stand:

the element of lavishness by sylvia townsend warner & william maxell. this has been on my ist for years. i'm not sure why i decided now was the time but i'm so glad i did! it is a delightul book! its the personal correspondance of syvia townsend warner, a novelist, and william maxwell, her onetime editor at the new yorker and longtime friend. these are two people i'm loving spending time with.

1 dead in attic by chris rose. this has also been on my list for years. chris rose is a new orleans write whose post katrina columns had me weeping on the regular back in 2005-6. so, this has been on my list because honestly, i didn't know if i was ready. what with the cheerful title 1 dead in attic and all. i'm reading a bit from this in between sylvia & williams letters. its working quite nicely. i am glad to finally be reading it though.

above us only sky by marion winik. i'm not sure how i missed this one. i love her and thought i had read all her books. this was a happy surprise. 

chasing the rising sun by ted anthony. i heard the author interviewed when the book came out and was completely fascinated but it was during a period when i was doing little to no reading so it just went on the list.  the book is about the author's search for the origins of the song the house of the riising sun. 

romeo spikes by joanne reay. so, i'm not sure about this one. i often take pictures of the covers of books when i'm browsing powell's if i think it looks interesting enough to read but not to buy, or if i really want a book but i've already reach my books per visit limit (2). so, this was in my pictures on my phone and the cover caught my eye. i reall don't know much about it. wish me luck.

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rogue proofreader

A few weeks after I was named Acting Executive Director, I received an odd piece of mail. It was addressed to my attention. There was no return address. The envelope contained a recent mailing sent from the synagogue, covered in red proofreading marks. My heart sank. I knew everything I did was under a microscope but this seemed crazy. I had nothing to do with that mailing. Someone else proofread it. I'm sure, at the time, the sentence "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" crossed my mind. I was 25, thrust into a very grown up position and I had no idea that one of my new responsibilities included grammar enforcement. I'm sure I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for a minute or ten. Once I got over the initial itchy feelings, I thought "WHO DOES THAT?"

The following week, I went to lunch at my predecessor's home with the envelope in my purse. Casually, as I was about to leave, I pulled it out and asked her about it. She laughed and told me she'd been getting them for years. She had no idea who they were from. 

Years later, after Shabbat services, Mrs. E came up to me. I was very fond of Mrs. E. She is a lovely person with a great sense of style and had never once accosted me after services to yell at me*. I was happy to stop and chat. She smiled and said, "I have to tell you something... Mr. E was beside himself during services tonight. He couldn't find a single error in the service flyer. You know he's been the one sending you all your mailings back, right?" Busted.

The next week I called Mr. E and asked him to be my new volunteer proofreader. He happily accepted. I'm sure he's still proofreading everything for the synagogue.**

*Yes, this happened. More than you'd guess. 

**This has nothing to do with where I put the double asterisk but its important. When I told Kateri I was thinking about writing this post, she told me I best come correct and use my shift-key lest Mr. E ever happen upon this post. So, I did. Don't get used to it. There is no Mr. E proofreading my blog posts.

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our friends from chicago, syndy & colleen, are in town. we spent the day in astoria, home of the goonies, where i discovered syndy hasn't seen goonies. its a testament to syndy's awesomeness that this wasn't a deal breaker. i can only assume colleen will correct this situation once they are back in chicago. anyway, it was a really great day, complete with seals. 

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saturday stats

there's nothing to report. i ate a lot of vegetables. i made a lot of stuff. i didn't get enough sleep or exercise as much as i should've. i did go for a couple of really long walks, one of them on the beach.

i'll do better next week. but, maybe not. once the friends that are currently in town leave, more people are arriving. so, we'll see. i'm not too worried. fingers crossed though. 

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music monday

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it happened

i woke up and it was fall. it was chilly and grey and i didn't want to get out of bed. we've been slacking off a bit while syndy & colleen were here and it felt exactly the way going back to work after a three day weekend felt back in the days of five day work weeks. 

i got up, put on some warmer clothes and eventually got to work. sometime in the late morning i was overcome by the urge to bake something, something that smelled like fall. i needed pumpkin or cinnamon. or both. i opened a few cabinets and thankfully i buy pumpkin in october for the following fall, when this craving hits1. i pulled out a few things and made these -  pumpkin peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 large eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup mini dark chocolate chips
1/2 teaspoon cardamon
1/4 teaspoon clove
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon

for muffin tops (optional):
2 tablespoons raw sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 

  1. put oven in middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. prepare muffin pan - either with papers or by greasing/buttering the pan.
  2. whisk together flour and baking powder. set aside. 
  3. mix together pumpkin, peanut butter, oil, chocolate chips, eggs, spices, sugar, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl until smooth, then mix in flour mixture until just combined.
  4. stir together cinnamon and raw sugar in another bowl.
  5. fill muffin tins, about three-fourths full, then sprinkle tops with cinnamon-sugar mixture. bake until golden brown and they pass whichever test you prefer, about 25-30 minutes.
  6. cool in pan on rack and YUM.


this is what monkey looked like the entire time i was baking. she is enjoying the cooler fall weather and would love a muffin. instead she got a pumpkin fart biscuit2

1 every fall we get pumpkin frenzy. pumpkin cookies and bread and ravioli and oh em gee, pumpkin all the time. we go on a canned pumpking buying spree and there are always a couple of leftover cans from when the fever breaks. they usually sit until the next fall when great googly mooglies, we NEED pumpkin.

2 we refer to trader joes peanut butter dog cookies as fart biscuits. she loves them but oh boy, do they make her farty. shawn went to trader joe's today and while surveying the pumpkin foodstuffs, he found pumpkin dog cookies. even monkey gets to enjoy the flavors of the season!  the best part, she isn't stinky at all this evening. well, no more than usual.

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wednesday words

"there are some things, after all, that sally owens knows for certain: always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. keep rosemary by your garden gate. add pepper to your mashed potatoes. plant roses and lavender, for luck. fall in love whenever you can."

- alice hoffman (practical magic) 

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the weekly tivo report

chicago fire. this show is so not my thing but its filmed in chicago. chicago looks gorgeous on tv and in movies - its like visiting the best parts without the cold or the traffic. for that reason alone, i was willing to give it a shot. then i found out they actually used a friend's house in an episode and of course i'm going to have to watch. guys, its not good. yes, the hot fireman are hot and chicago looks all pretty but what is up with those accents? i've heard some thick chicago accents in my time and none of them sounded like boston accents. also, its really jacked up jacked up. i need to save my jacked up jacked up television time for the walking dead and american horror story. i'll watch until i see our friends' living room and then NO MORE! i will not be seduced by hot firemen.

elementary. oh, how i wanted to hate this. but i don't. lucy liu, johnny lee miller and aidan quinn are great. the writing isn't terrible. i think if it was a show about a former junkie detective named sick boy and his sidesick, o-ren, everyone could relax and just like it. but its not. its sherlock holmes and we're all so smitten with benedict cumberbatch that this didn't stand a chance. it just seemed like a bad idea. the truly bad idea? airbrushing lucy liu's freckles away. 

once upon a time. i think i'm breaking up with you. i care about you even less than i did last season.

666 park avenue. it gets one more chance. that's it. ONE MORE CHANCE, john locke, one more. do you hear me?

the simpsons. remember them? this week was seriously the weirdest treehouse of horror ever. did anyone else see it? or are we the only ones still watching?

why did no one tell me gossip girl was ending? i'm so glad i caught up on netflix this last couple weeks. i watched the season premier and it did not disappoint. oh how i love these gorgeous, rich assholes and their terrible, terrible decisions!

bones is still making me grumpy. mike and molly and HIMYM are still in the rotation as well, out of habit.

private practice and grey's are a bad habit as well but i've been enjoying them. more beautiful people making bad decisions.

supernatural needs a funny episode STAT. i was happy to see cas this week, though. happy? that's the wrong word but i do like misha collins a great deal.

i haven't watched this week's animal practice yet. i'm just not so sure. anything with a monkey seems a little iffy.

you guys. the neighbors is delightful. really and truly. weird and delightful.

modern family. i really don't know why we just started watching this last year. its just so good. 

grimm is still kind of lame but portland pretty. 

up all night is good although will arnett makes me sad. until i think about arrested development.

big bang still rocks.

deep breath... and a confession:

tami taylor said y'all in the first minute of nashville and i KNEW i was in. its so good. i can't write anymore about it because i am so embarrassed at how much i liked it. 

hangs head.

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flashback friday

prom. so young, so funny looking.

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saturday stats

for the week of october 7-13:

exercise - of any kind: 4 times 
number of smoothies: 1
number of glasses of green juice: 5
meals involving pizza: 0
meals involving tacos: 0
meals involving piles of vegetables: most of them
i cooked: 3 times
letters written: 3
packages sent: 15
things made for cookoorikoo: 14
things made just for fun: muffins. nom.
best thing i watched: sinister. i had a movie date with a friend and oh boy, SCARY.
books read: i'm in the middle of the element of lavishness, one dead in attic and above us only sky 
days i wore socks: 5 (pout)
living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 1

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