list of things

some fun, some weird, some that will cause flames on the side of your face; all things i've been into lately:

  • this article about memories has got me still thinking. 
  • uh, there's a new muppet movie trailer. <kemit flail>
  • every single time i read a post at role/reboot i wonder why i haven't added the site to my reader. this post changed that. amazing.
  • this post was chilling. also, the author kicks ass. 
  • this is swell. i also like that i'm starting to watch tap dancing videos and think "i could do that with some practice." it has been a year since i started tap again, after all. 
  • i love this post by kateri about losing a library book. my library book. which some kind portlander has returned to the library for us. i really hope they read it first. its freakin' delightful. 
  • i love flannery o'connor. i loved this post. i'm really excited about the book. people and their faith. its fascinating stuff.
  • i watched this documentary. you should too. then, do a little digging online and allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole and be amazed and confused.
  • this conversation between mindy kaling and lena dunham is a fun and inspiring read. i love mindy. almost as much as i love jennifer lawrence:

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music monday

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wednesday words

gratitude. the full-hearted feeling that comes with knowing that what you have is enough and everything else is gravy. 

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that's how many words i wrote this month. that's how many words book two is, for now. i had an inkling about a week ago that this wasn't going to be a 50,000 word book, the nanowrimo goal, and i made decision. that was ok. unlike the first book, i knew where i wanted this one to end. i knew where i wanted the story to take me and i trusted that. so, 47,662 words, not 50,000. i don't care.  i needed to get back into the habit of writing on a schedule and i did. 

now, i nap. because 47,662 words is a lot of words.

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