music monday

i had forgotten this song until today when i was making a video for instagram.

dude, there's a new app called flipagram. its delightful and addictive. if you haven't played with it yet, let me suggest you don't. because once you do one video, you want to do more. which is how i ended up with this:

which is what reminded me of this song. happy feet.

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year in review

Theme of this year: Balance 

Best Month of the Year: July

Best Day of the Year: November 27. The day I finished Book 2. 

Worst Day/Time of the Year: The day Monkey died sort of fucked up the entire spring. I miss her silly face.

Favorite Person of the Year: Shawn. Always.

Favorite Moment of the Year: The night I took Shawn to tap with me. That was adorable fun. 

Favorite Movie: The Conjuring

Live Show of the Year: Lovebomb GoGo opened for Rebirth Brass Band again. It was amazing.

Best Thing I Bought: Nice tap shoes

Favorite Trip: The Redwoods in August

Book of the Year: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Project of the Year: The Words. While I was working on the last two for the year I realized I could happily work on those for the rest of my life. 

TV of the Year: Orange is the New Black

Dessert of the Year: Brown Butter Custard Apple Pie

My Resolution(s) for 2014: Be better. Do better. Again. And maybe be a little less hard on myself.

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