carrie (2013)

i was mad when i heard they were remaking carrie. it felt unnecessary and a little exploitative. i was prepared to hate it. 

but this week, horrible things happened to girls. a 14 year-old girl was arrested for her role in the suicide of a girl she had bullied. a 14 year-old girl was raped at a party and not only did the case go nowhere, her family was run out of town. what the fuck. 

i don't know if this carrie was better than the original but it resonated deeply with me today.

i can't help but wonder if the female director made all the difference. she may have experienced the horrors of being a girl in high school. brian depalma certainly hadn't.

julianne moore is chilling as margaret white; chloe grace moretz is heartbreaking as carrie; judy greer is fucking amazing as ms. dejardin. 

i'm reluctant to recommend it or even say i liked it. because this week, horrible things happened to girls.

there is a really fantastic visual callback to the end of let me in with chloe grace moretz. my horror nerd heart swelled a little.

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