carrie (2013)

i was mad when i heard they were remaking carrie. it felt unnecessary and a little exploitative. i was prepared to hate it. 

but this week, horrible things happened to girls. a 14 year-old girl was arrested for her role in the suicide of a girl she had bullied. a 14 year-old girl was raped at a party and not only did the case go nowhere, her family was run out of town. what the fuck. 

i don't know if this carrie was better than the original but it resonated deeply with me today.

i can't help but wonder if the female director made all the difference. she may have experienced the horrors of being a girl in high school. brian depalma certainly hadn't.

julianne moore is chilling as margaret white; chloe grace moretz is heartbreaking as carrie; judy greer is fucking amazing as ms. dejardin. 

i'm reluctant to recommend it or even say i liked it. because this week, horrible things happened to girls.

there is a really fantastic visual callback to the end of let me in with chloe grace moretz. my horror nerd heart swelled a little.

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walking dead - 30 days since an accident (4.1)

hey darryl, i missed you. you too, carol. who knew?

hershel got a leg, rick got a garden, lots of people got laid. zombies crashed through a roof. all in all, a solid hour. i'm not ready to give up on you yet, walking dead. 

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the bay

the bay (2012)

a small town on the chesapeake bay has a problem. its the 4th of july and people are getting sick. boils and blistering skin, fevers that won't break and the bodies are piling up. the story of that day is told via skype and found footage by the only reporter on the scene and one of very few survivors. she tells a story of environmental disaster and evolutionary terror that doesn't seem so unrealistic. a third of the way through this movie i put down the work i was doing and just watched, completely riveted. i jumped a few timse, got queasy more than a few times and enjoyed myself. i'm as surprised as you are.

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