13 things

  1. he made me mixtapes. piles of them.
  2. he used to drive 6 hours each way, on the regular, to see me at college.
  3. he believes one of his purposes in life is to make me laugh. and he does.
  4. he admitted that he was jealous of my ability to say "word" and not sound dumb. he doesn't think he could pull it off.
  5. he can do anything he puts his mind to. "sure, i know how to build websites." and he does.
  6. he decided what he really wanted to be was a musician. he played 15 shows in a month. he's a musician.
  7. he is my number one cheerleader and believes i can do anything i put my mind to. even when i don't.
  8. he makes me coffee every morning.
  9. he's so god damn cute that when he told me he was sick last week, i kissed him anyway. and got sick.
  10. even though he doesn't want to be a dad, he's awesome with kids. its adorable.
  11. he loved my grandma. a lot. 
  12. on his 16th birthday, he got his driver's license and came right over to my house. i was not home. i was at the very first lollapalooza. with a boy i gave his ticket to. 
  13. he married me anyway.

here's to lucky 13, shawn! i'm looking forward to the next thirteen.

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I love this!!!

Cutie pie you are!!


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