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i had a rough time falling to sleep last night. when i finlly did i had the strangest dream...

shawn was auditioning singers for the darryls ( which they are.) a guy showed up (with a mullet) and it turned out he wasn't a match. well, shawn decided he'd be perfect for my band. (my what?) apparently, i played drums in said band. and this guy was a total freak. and i can't get rid of him. so, at our first gig (our first what?) davey asked to see my tattoos and it turns out my most recent had vanished, leaving little trace that they'd ever been there. in shawn's corner of the world, he found the perfect singer - sebastian bach. (obviously a gilmore girls crossover.)

i know what influenced almost all of this dream. it doesn't mean the complete package doesn't leave me a little ferfuffled. so much that i got up and check my tattoos in the mirror.

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