2011: an odyssey

we had our last get together in our house last night with friends. it was pretty great. a ton of people came who we hadn't seen in eons. some of my most favorite people in the world. truly. saying goodbye sucked though and there are actually some friends that refused to say goodbye. i can't say i blame them. its rough.

in two weeks the truck comes to take our stuff. a couple days after that we're getting in the car with a few of our most prized possessions and beginning the journey. 2120 miles. its difficult to wrap my head around that number so i spend a lot of time looking at this map. and trying to breathe.

so there's that.

and then there's the just not knowing what to expect. chicago is what we know. we have a few friends in portland - which is great. and shawn did a lot of exploring when he was there so he already knows dumb things like where the grocery store is. and i have to keep reminding myself that we did this once before. yes, we were young and stupid so we weren't all that stressed about it. BUT, we were young and stupid and still managed to survive. we would probably still be in austin if lucy hadn't gotten sick. so yes, i've done this before. i can do it again.

oh my god.

there's a reason i just bought this button for myself.

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Good luck with your move! I'm oh so jealous... I wish I were making a far-away move right now. Hopefully sometime in 2011. I'm also jealous because I just like driving for long periods of time. Some people think that's weird... but. I love it. Happy new year!

I'm excited for you! I loooove settling in to a brand new, unknown place. :)

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