30 songs

What are 30 songs you cannot live
without? Ones that come on and you have to totally STOP what you're
doing just to listen, or break out into intolerably loud singing, or
dance. You know, you won't get out of your car until they're over. Or
you will dance down a supermarket aisle with nary a care. And you can
listen to them over and over and never get tired of them.

kateri did it because her friend mike asked her to and because there is nothing i love more than making lists, here are my 30 songs using that criteria in no particular order:

  1. my baby just cares for me - nina simone
  2. its oh so quiet - bjork
  3. the monkey song - major lane
  4. buddy holly - weezer
  5. a thousand miles - vanessa carlton
  6. that's the way - led zepellin
  7. (sweet sweet baby) since you've been gone - aretha franklin
  8. suspicious minds - elvis presley
  9. do you know what it means to miss new orleans? - louis armstrong
  10. misguided angel - cowboy junkies
  11. she's electric - oasis
  12. july, july! - the decemberists
  13. true love ways - buddy holly
  14. universally speaking - red hot chili peppers
  15. can't hardly wait - the replacements
  16. blackbird - the beatles
  17. ray of light - madonna
  18. seven stars - the apples in stero
  19. pretty in pink - the psychedelic furs
  20. pata pata - miriam makeba
  21. mockingbirds - grant lee buffalo
  22. sweet emotion - aerosmith
  23. maybe sparrow - neko case
  24. i want you back - the jackson 5
  25. just like heaven - the cure
  26. life on mars? - david bowie
  27. wild horses - the rolling stones
  28. should i stay or should i go? - the clash
  29. digital love - daft punk
  30. jane says - jane's addiction
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oo, oo! she's electric. yeah. that's a good one (as are all the others; thanks for playing!).