8 minutes

so, i've been a little sad. instead of coping with a steady stream of pie, wine and naps, i've been ignoring the dishes. you have to understand, since i discovered adulting last year, i won't go to bed with dishes in the sink. waking up with a clean sink has been a delight. so, one meal passed, then two... yesterday was day two. more than once, i passed the kitchen sink and thought, "i should do the... NO YOU SHOULDN'T. FUCK THE DISHES." this morning, i woke up and when i walked into the kitchen and saw the full sinks, i though, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? just do the dishes already." yet, i didn't actually do the dishes until about an hour ago. i don't know if its because the kitchen is where i miss monkey the most or what; i just didn't want to do the dishes.

i sat down to watch modern family*, having passed through the kitchen and, once again, ignoring the dishes. i sat down, paused the tv and forced myself to get up and do the dishes. i looked at the clock and 8 minutes later, i was done with the dishes. eight minutes. i put my pajamas on, returned to the couch and watched some tv. i had paused it just long enough that i was able to fast forward through most of the commercials for the rest of the night. 

its the little things. 

*what is up with me and the sitcoms? this is a fairly recent development. i was snobby about modern family for a few seasons and now i love it. don't ever get me started on the neighbors. its my favorite new show and i can't even talk about the season finale. mainly because it means no new neighbors for months. 

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