alot can change

lately i've been getting a lot of wedding orders & inquiries. for custom headpieces. for matching necklaces for the entire bridal party. for brooches for wedding sashes. and then there's the wonderful and fabulous lorie, who keeps buying rings for her brides and sends me incredible pictures like this one:

Something blue

its all got me thinking, perhaps i should be marketing more to brides. so i started to do some googling. and here's the thing; 10 years ago when we got married the only real online resource was now, there's a blog for every possible kind of wedding you may want to plan. it was all a little overwhelming but i have to say, pretty cool.

10 years ago I wanted a blue wedding dress. i didn't think it was such an odd request but most bridal shops did. no one actually made a blue wedding dress so i ended up wearing a bridesmaids dress. now, dresses come in every color of the rainbow. its pretty great.

so, here were a few of the sites i found that i really dug:

also, how gorgeous are these flowers? 

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Those flowers are pretty! And yeah, I think there is definitely a huge market in unconventional brides.

My friend is a florist (those flowers look right up her alley) and she keeps bugging my boyfriend and I about getting married just so she can do our flowers! She wants to test out a Star Wars Death Star bouquet on us! I'm not a big Star Wars fan but my boyfriend definitely is, but I still think a black round Death Star inspired bouquet might be kind of interesting. (Especially since if we ever DO get married, I think I want a hot fuschia/pink dress.)