a beautiful day part deux

hollis and i went to the country living fair at the botanic gardens today. it was such a crisp blue and gold fall day, i felt like i'd died and gone to heaven. the fair was pretty great. met the owner of left bank. i think she and i may be a good match, product-wise. also met betz white. and let me tell you, those cupcake pincushions are to die for. also met the creator of the most inspiring artwork i've seen in ages. no joke.

and a really nice woman with really great letterpress cards and stuff. we ate taffy apples. drank root beer. and just enjoyed the day.

when i came home, shawn was nice enough to run to the grocery store for us - saving me the trip. i sewed some more. so happy. another in town bag.


by the time shawn got home i was in such a delightful mood that i think i was scaring shawn. happy shana is a rarity. i had NOTHING to complain about.

and now, we're settled in to watch the two towers. shawn is going to attempt cheesy potato cakes and i've got a new sewing book to inspire me.

oh happy day!

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