on being a total dufus

so, i make this skirt last night.

and i looooove it. and its making me happy because it fits PERFECT. and it has happy dots. and minty plaid. i'm on a crafty girl roll. i decide, depite the lateness of the hour, to make a new bag to sell on etsy. i need some new bags to sell so i should do it now. i did after all make this really great skirt. silly, silly girl.

i was inspired by a bag in this book.

so, i had sketched it out. i had my fabric cut. a purple and white polka dot lining and this great hedgie cotton from superbuzzy. i had finished sewing the actual bag and was working on the handles. i had sewn two pieces of rbibon back to back with a bit of muslin for added strength. i had bought this ribbon for a dollar at hancock's and lurved it. serious lurve. for ONE dollar. i would have bought multiples but they only had the one. so,  i went to trim a piece of thread and my overtired brain cut right through the WHOLE HANDLE. and since i only had one spool, i was screwed. so, i did the best i could but could not, in good conscience sell it. new tote bag for me! too bad everytime i look at it i see the place where i stitched it back together and think about what a complete dufus i am.


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