blog love

these nice peeps gave me a shout out in their various blogs since the beginning of the year. i'd like to share the love...

622 press - kristin, maker of gorgeous letterpress paper goods, also loves nola!

the bunnycage - sweet blog by a taker of gorgeous pictures.

cafe cartolina - fiona has a lovely blog and she designs really pretty greeting cards. this one is my fave!

contented me - a really sweet blog.

fancy picnic - charlottes makes truly gorgeous things and keeps a lovely blog.

lillyella - prolific maker of pretty things and blogger. i'm not sure how she finds the time!

looking sharp - a fashion blog still in its infancy (around a year old), she's already made some great picks!

mixed plate - liana writes a really great indie shopping blog.

red otter - julia's blog is great. she always seems to sniff out interesting items for her friday finds feature. and she also makes pretty things!

resweater - like me, a lover of wool felt.

simply designed & etsy finds - a really nice blog by a graphic designer on etsy.

stacey bode - she's a fantastic photographer. seriously, great pics. if you're in atlanta, i'm guessing she's the wedding photographer to get!

stylish handmade - a really gorgeous handmade shopping blog.

thanks to all - i so appreciate it! and if i missed anyone i'm really sorry - blame in on the rss feed in my google blog reader!

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