comfort food

i had an incredibly hard week, which included a total meltdown and 12 hour non-stop tears. i'd had a number of craft project non-starters, i'd been feeling like crap and the antibiotics i'm on were making me feel worse for a couple of days, and my day job was beyond stressful - nothing earth shattering but a perfect storm nonetheless. so, when i came home friday i had a plan. i was going to spend all saturday cooking. i lined up all my ingredients and started around 11:00 am. i kept going until 6:00 pm. blueberry muffins, jalapeno cheddar scones, peanut butter marshmallow brownies, marshmallows, mac n' cheese and potato leek soup. 

it sounds a little crazy but i have to say, after i showered and finally sat down on the couch last night, i felt better. i set out to do something and got it done. and since i was mostly following others recipes there were very few decisions to make. the biggest decision i made all day was whether or not to put vanilla bean in my marshmallows. it was fantastic.

now, what am i going to do with all this food? i froze most of the mac n' cheese. i froze some soup and gave some away. i gave away some brownies and muffins. the marshmallows are mostly being mailed in late holiday packages tomorrow and the rest will be saved for hot cocoa. the scones were for shawn & i won't eat the remaining brownies. the muffins however, the muffins that remain are mine, all mine.



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