there will be no picture today. because of reasons.

its the week i miss lucy the most.

the weather has been crazy, hailing one minute and sunny the next. it doesn't really matter because we're both really busy getting ready for crafty wonderland and bazaar bizarre.

we're both not feeling great. i'm migrainey, which could be because of the wonky ass weather, and its my pms week. shawn's back is bothering him. bothering him is the nice way of saying he's in excruciating pain right now. our afflictions are making us cranky -  yelling at each other over hazelnut milk cranky.

monkey is pissed because we're trying to train her to not bark at every single person who passes in front of the house. she finds it incrediby frustrating and pretty much hates me for denying her fun. so, the dog is giving me the cold shoulder. and sighing heavily - A LOT. 

did i mention the pms? and the part where this week is the anniversary of my grandma's death? yes i did?

ok. i'll shut up now.

and maybe post one pretty picture. for reasons.

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Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within.

I love you. I am sorry you are sad and PMS-y, and that you both are cranky. And I am so, so sorry that you are missing het so terribly. You are an amazing woman, and so devoted, and your love for her across eternity is wonderful and heart wrenching and beautiful and inspirational. Hugs.

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